Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drawin' A Blank...

Here I sit.
And I have nothin'!

As I'm workin' out at the gym, loads of things come to mind but here....nothin'!
So I'll just ramble.....

I saw into the future.
I saw myself in about 30 years.
I'm not normally psychotic...but...
This lady was singin' to the music....50's hits...tappin' her toes as she was pumpin' iron. I can only hope I can pump 25 pounds as well as she did when I'm that old!

But that will be me.
She even shook her ass as she walked out....sometimes the spirit just moves you.

Speakin' of the gym, I've been workin' out on the elliptical's like a cross country skier thing. It's scary!!
I started it in April.....very about 110 strides per min....heart rate was off the scale!! 161!!
It was all I could do to get 1 freakin' mile!!!
My legs were like noodles!!!
But now, I average out to 1 1/2 miles and my hear rate is 130....after about 20 minutes.

I have noticed something very strange happenin' to me when I'm done....very weird.
My butt feels like it's growin'!!
I kid you not....JLoAss attacks me!!
I can feel it swellin'!!
I'm a flat ass white ass isn't supposed to be round!
I'll go for heart shaped, though.

And I committed a RobinSin....get it a CardinalSin....of Church of the Holy Nadine.
I couldn't help myself.
I felt really good.
So I did it.
I stepped on the scales.

Let me just say, I weigh more now than I did when I started that torture chamber of a gym!! MORE!!!
Roy's all like, "Don't give up. You look good. You've moved things around and developed muscle. Besides we've been eatin' a lot of fried okra."

Blame the okra.
Yeah. That's the ticket.

Speakin' of Roy, my boy toy....he's currently on my shit list.
He hasn't had a lot of sleep lately becuz of the freakin' allergies that NOTHING seems to touch. We've tried just about everything over the counter and the doctor prescribed him a nasal, zilch, nada.
So he's been more irritable than normal, and barks at me over just about everything!! He is the one that fits my tote bags with the grommets. You would think I asked him to poke is eye out or something....If I could do it myself I would!

Funny story about him and his workout.
He's a walker. His big deal is to walk to get the miles and the freebies....and not so much workin' out on the weight machines. He does the weights 2 times a week where as I do them all 5 days I go.
He's so proud of his biceps.
And he should be.
But walkin' around flexin' them at me all the time gets on my nerves.
"Oh come on feel them."
I finally told him, "Men are supposed to have huge guns. You had them when you logged."
And he did! He held a heavy ass chainsaw over his head every day.
And I continued, "If you want to be impressed, feel this."
And I flexed my biceps.
He rolled his eyes and smirked but he reached over to feel my biceps.
He blushed!
I might not be packin' a couple of 357's but my 38's are comin' along nicely!!

And then I get on the scales and that good feelin' all goes to hell!!

2 more days until the drawin' for a free bag!
At least one thing will be very clear to me when this giveaway is done....I will know who actually reads my blog!
Every one like free stuff!!
And yet...only 11 people so far.


Becca said...

Allergy season is really bad here on the left coast too! I am suffering a lot! Ugh!

And attack of the butt! Too funny!

And isn't it buy two get one free bag day?

Jane! said...

Did you say free? I better go have a look.
And don't worry about what the scale says. It's all about how you feel and you must be feeling better. Besides muscle is twice as heavy as fat so you don't need to lose weight to have a better shape.
That's what I tell myself, anyway.

Dawn said...

I hate the scale...but you know is not friendly....stay away from it.....

....and I love free stuff...but I would hate for you to think I come here in hopes for free stuff....

....I may however order a horsey one at some point as Addy loves horses and loves what a great gift....

Grandmother Witch said...

When your bottom gets as big as mine Nadine we can talk. Well Tasmania is running scared but he won't stay away either. Men! Lol, sometimes I wish I was a lesbian. Not!!!

Katy said...

Hye, just stay off the scale if it makes you grumpy--if you feel good then that's all that matters!

Billie said...

The whole gaining weight at the gym happened to me too. When I spoke to one of the trainers about it, she said that I needed to do more cardio and with weights - I needed to do LESS weight but MORE reps. It worked and I finally started losing the inches.

MizAngie said...

Has Roy tried that new OTC stuff that you rub on your nose to keep allergy crap from going up the nose?

♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO...JLoAss I am sorry but thats funny...and fried okra oh how I love the...
when I get allergies I am the same way...nothing works but a shot of dimerol and sleep for 2 days
hope your boy toy gets better soon