Sunday, August 02, 2009

Congregation Of The Church Of The Holy Nadine...

sit up and take notice!

I'm thinkin' about havin' a Free Gift Giveaway!
A Tote Bag!!

Can I get an Amen?

Details later....becuz I ain't thought this all the way out.
I mean really...Off the cuff, I'd send a tote bag to every one I know....becuz that's how I roll. I have The Cutest Idea for a Ballerina Ninja Princess bag locked in my brain!!

But my chief financial advisor...Roy D Hightower, Esquire the 2nd....the SugarDaddy ...says "You've got to stop givin' it away, Nadine!"

Do you know I heard that same statement from my father??


Georgie, Don't fret. I was sent a fabulous testimonial...Miz Angie came thru....she's a doll!!
And an offer of help with my bio...Katy, big thanks!! You're the best!!

Much love and hugs to both!

The "D" stands for DWayne!!!
Pronouced....DEW WAaaYN


♥georgie♥ said...

I am glad Angie and katy came through!

I ♥me some giveawayz and LMAO@you hearing that statement'stop giving it all away' from your father!

Becca said...

You know that you are going to get a great big AMEN from me!

I know that I shouldn't enter this because I am on to buying my second bag from you...


What the heck...I am deserving of a good giveaway, right?

Grandmother Witch said...

First off Nadine, you have to have known since first coming across Grandmother Witch about four or five years ago (Yikes that long) that I am totally certifiable. Yes I'm nuts, and yes I will probabally move to Tasmania. Now what is this Etsy thing I keep hearing about? And Roy Hightower is right for once since I met you. Ya got to quit giving it away, Nadine! I have missed you so much darlin' good to be back in the blogging world.

Susan said...

I like free stuff!