Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Chosen One....

Roy decided which lady would be the lucky to fill in when I'm outta commission.
When he told her, she jumped on it!!
She was thrilled to be the ChosenOne....the 2ndWife!!

Roy was dancin' the HappyDance!

She has taken FULL Advantage of her position too!
She has not hesitated to call him to come over to do things for her becuz her 1stHusband either wouldn't do it for her or he couldn't figure it out by himself.
"Roy, come help him put the antenna on the house!"
"Roy, fix my cabinet shelves."

She has even laid down the law!
For trips, for her cussin'.
For pool parties!
"Woman! I don't have that many rules with the 1stWife!" and pointed at me.

They have even had arguments.
He shut his cell phone one day, and looked at me with sad eyes, "I think "WE" just got a divorced!!!

I just giggled at it all.

But the best part about all this.....we...the 2ndWife and I....are on the same cycle!!

Roy looked horrified when I told him....for the first time!
"What? I've done all this for NOTHING!!!"

That's right big boy!
The RedRiverFlows the same for both wives!!!

SuperMoodyBitch is rollin' on the floorin' laughin' her freakin' ass off!!!

And that my friends is the end of BigLove In TheHightower.


MizAngie said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I have chores that need to be done. I rarely have a cycle and when I do it's not with your's. Where do I apply to be 2nd wife?

Billie said...

If I get chores done... I will be Roy's 2nd wife. That is an awesome deal! You didn't tell me that chores were involved!

Nadine, nothing to worry about at this point. Just waiting for the right moment (some time next year) to resolve the issues. Being 2nd wife just doesn't seem to suit me. I guess I don't like to share.

Miss Thystle said...

hey! why'd you go all private? Are you going to start posting nekkid pictures?

Becca said...

Too funny!

Redneck Diva said...