Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Love In The Hightower...

Do you watch Big Love?
Do you have HBO??
Well there's a show called Big Love and it's about a polygamy, families, and the relationships of men and women.

Welcome to the Hightower version of it!!
This whole story has been goin' on most of the summer. I've just been bidin' my time and lettin' the thing play out before I sat down to tell it.

A long time back, SuperMoodyBitch in one of her tantrums, said to Roy, "Do not come at me with that thing again! I'll cut it off and hand it back to you if you don't leave me alone! You need another wife!"
One would think that Roy would be horrified at the thought of havin' his manhood cut off and the bloody end be handed back to him but he actually smiled.

Yes, People.
He Smiled.

The wheels in his brain was workin' out the details on the 2ndWife!


Becca said...

Oh. No. He.Wouldn't. Likes the idea of living dangerously, does he? Ask him if the name Lorena Bobbitt rings any bells? ;-)

The Gaelic Wife said...

I've been telling Mr. Gaelic that I need a sister wife for quite a while now. But he won't go for it. LOL!

MizAngie said...

AS IF! No way would Roy bring another heifer into that house! He knows you toooooo well...

Vickie said...

But does she do windows? Cook? If she is going to hang around she has to be good for something to you, right?