Friday, August 14, 2009

Are You Ready???

This is the hat!!

Is that not the cutest hat?

Can you imagine wearin' it to grocery store?
I would but Roy hates my hats.
I have a bucket hat for bad hair days....for days I don't want anyone to see me. I was WalMart and a man approached me, "Hey Nadine, How are you today?"
"Shhhh Stan. You're not supposed to see me. See dark glasses and the hat....I'm incognito."

"It's not workin'."

That beautiful hat that will hold the name of the very lucky woman that will receive
Today's the last day!

Make me your favorite shop...that Hearts Me!

Yes, I know shameless of me...but I want to know...I need to've been here....and there.
It's an ego thing.

I'll put all of the names in the hat that I have....

Reverend Kiki

Madleighkouture....She Hearted that tractor bag!
So far....

I'll let you know something on Monday.

And then the hat goes back on the wall with the rest of the lovely lady hats...
You might not have known this but I have a thing for old hats.
There about 8 in this room. There are 5 on a wall upstairs.....and umpteenbrazillion in ball caps in the kitchen...mostly Roy's.

And many more in boxes upstairs....I really need to go thru my stuff.
I'm such a pack rat!


Miss Thystle said...

Now I KNOW we're long lost sisters. Everytime I go on a vacation, I buy a hat. My favorite is a FEATHER beret. It's so cute. My husband says it looks like I have a dead bird on my head, but WHATEVER. Boys know nothing about fashion.

Katy said...

I love hats too, but I love the wide-brim ones.

Becca said...

Very pretty hat!

kwr221 said...

I always buy hats on vacation.

I rarely wear them.

I finally figured out the heart thing, but I think I'm too late. :-(