Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zippers, Reunions, and Missin' Husbands...

So Roy and I went to this reunion. The kind where you meet and greet classmates and old friends and their spouses.
An unorganized gatherin' of people.
Roy hates these sorta things.
He was not a social person in high school and was not tickled by going with me.
Me on the other a social butterfly!!
I love school.
It was a lot like my PC....that's where all my friends were!

Once we got to the reunion I lost track of's not like we're joined at the hip or anything.

We've been sayin' that a lot lately.
He said it first.... which I was totally shocked that HE said it....becuz we do everything together.
He's my best friend.

But as I mingled around the room laughin' and havin' a good time, I lost track of him. I figured he was chattin' it up with some big boob gal in the corner. So he was happy.
As I was talkin' to an old friend, a young woman came up that she knew...the younger woman looked familiar but I couldn't quite place her.
They were talkin' about body piercin's and the younger woman had a "zipper" put in.
Now you know I'm no prude.
And I've been around the block a time or two.
But I had no idea what a "zipper" would be....I had to see it!

Everyone blushed.
OH God What Have I Gotten My Self Into Now??!!??
This can't be good.
But in the spirit of the moment and a few Rum and Cokes, I'm game for just about anything.
So this young woman took me aside and started to undress.
I'm startin' to panic!!
Oh Holy Shit!! Where is this "zipper"?

She pulled down her pants and showed me her "Business" area!!
Pulled back a bandage to show me her clit!!
It had a small dangly angel hangin' from it like a pull chain on a kid's coat!!!!
It was just swingin'!!

All I could think was "Where the Hell is Roy?"

And then I woke up.

The young woman is the person that cuts the fabric at MaterialStore....she's very friendly. But I don't really think she'd show me her "business".
I have no clue why I would refer to a clit piercin' as a zipper.

Hormonal influx=Bizarre dreams.


Miss Thystle said...

cause it looks like a zipper pull! That makes total sense! And so does her showing it to you. Most peirced people I know will show ANYONE.

MizAngie said...


Tracie said...

ummmm OK

Ace said...

whoa, do people really do that?