Wednesday, July 15, 2009

QueenVicky, The BeeHiveLady, and Special Tote Bags...

One of the BeeHiveLadies called me the other day to ask for a couple of tote bags.

Oh, by the way, The MerryWidow and I broke up.
I told you I was not happy with the way she reacted to the death of my granddaughter and wished that she would never call me again....well, yeah.
That's what happened.
I do not kid around about certain things and so we parted company.

So there's only one left in the Hive that I have anything to do with....and she's as good as gold to me....and Roy.

She also buys my totes....LOTS!!!

So she had another request...mother/daughter totes for someone special. I told her I'd get right on it just as soon as I returned from OKC. It was RoySr's 86th Birthday so we had to make that trip down the turnpike.

And I thought it would be nice to make QueenVictoria a tote.

A gift.
Isn't it the cutest??
It's really bright!!
She looked it over and gushed that it was pretty.
And then set it aside.
Way another room.

I ask her if she would carry it to Church. I want Stephanie and Jen to see it. QueenVicky stopped what she was doing and crooked her finger at me to follow her outta the room, lead me down the hall and whispered in my ear, "yellow is not my color."

That's right!
Yellow is not her color.
QV took one of the "tests" in HomeEc...probably in the 40's....that told her yellow was not a good color for her complexion.
And she has led her whole life by that fact.

Do you know there is not one color in the whole spectrum that I will not wear!!

Now I took all this really well. I am used to her.
After 15 years, I pretty used to it... her "straight forward, damn the torpedoes, cut you to the bone insults".....and was not insulted.

I have a "oh well fuck it" attitude...a drop back and punt sorta gal.

"Let's go thru your closet and see what colors you have so I can make you a bag more to your liking."
Denim! QV loves denim.
I have everything I need to make her a bag...not one that I think she'll carry to Church but when she takes a trip to the next flower show, she'll be set.

The yellow polka dot....The BeeHiveLady will love it!!
I made a smaller bag to match it ....about the size of a lunch bag for a "daughter" bag.
So cute.
It's dark outside, So I haven't taken a photo of it.

MzThystle....the moment I saw that cat fabric I thought about dogs! I wish I could find a whimsical fabric like that with dogs! So the search is on.

I have extra cat fabric and will make another one. I really enjoy makin' the special request bags. Flowers, horses, wine bottles....yesterday I finished an extra large bag for the HappyWife to use as a beach bag.

Becca bought a bag!!
I'm so thrilled!!
I was doin' the happy dance and everything.
Roy was like not so thrilled....he just hates the internet.
So I said, "Remember that woman that sent the necklace and cheese at Christmas?"
"Yeah I guess so."
"She bought the Chenille bag!"
"So it like family?"
"Yeah... like family."


M&Co. said...

Oh the yellow is lovely. So sunny and happy.

MizAngie said...

It'd be a cold day in hell before I'd make that heifer another tote bag. I might tell her I would so I could take my tote bag back, but I wouldn't really do it.

People are so strange.

I may have found whimsical dog fabric that you need... I have a coupon for next week for 40% off. It's not as cute as the cat fabric on your tote, but it's verrry cute.

Becca said...

That yellow is a pretty color, not mine, really, but you put a lot of work into that. You are a much better person than I am. I might have gotten my feelers hurt.

I love buying things from friends, and you are definitely one of those people that I would consider to be a friend!

Miss Thystle said...

Isn't she just a treasure. Bless her LITTLE heart.

Those bags are just adorable! Good for you for striking out to make your fortune!

Tracie said...

How does one not like yellow? Yellow is such a happy color, and polka dots, well more happy!

Katy said...

I, personally, love the yellow polka dots--of course, I'm also an LSU gal which makes me biased towards yellow and purple.