Friday, July 17, 2009

The Pool, Mean Little Bastards, and Water Bugs...

So to make sure we are all on the same page....I have a swimmin' pool.

As much as I talk about it, my niece didn't believe me!!
Yeah, she's not real bright.

There are bugs that go with havin' a pool.
Yeah! I didn't know that either!!
There are these little flyin' bee lookin' things that land in the pool and can't get out. They are so pissed off about it that they float around on their backs with their stinger in the air....waitin' for some unsuspectin' gal to float by on her floatie and sting her ass!!
Quite Literally!
Before we get in the pool Roy stands outside of it and dips them out....for about 15 minutes!! One day he counted 715!!
Yeah, he's that sorta guy!!
He's so hairy that if he gets in and one of the mean little bastards gets in his hair he's stung 6 times over before he gets free of it!
Mean little bastards!!!
Then there are the actually water bugs....they live in the pool. They seem to be friendly becuz they will swim right up to you. If you try to catch them they dive deeper into the little things.
But if you do something they do not out!!
I kid you not... They bite!
I had one caught in the ties of my top! I had that bite on my stomach for days!!
One day, I caused one to drop its bug....they apparently eat the mean little bastards...the dead ones.
When it dropped its bug, it charged at me!!
It bumped me 3 times before I could get away from it!!
I didn't want bit again!
But the oddest thing that they did was the day Roy was in the pool dippin' out the mean stingin' bugs was when they surrounded me!!
I kid you not!!!!
I went to sqealin' for Roy to come and catch them....and by the time he got to my side of the pool the Armada WaterBugs and signaled "Dive! Dive! Dive!" and was gone!!!!

But the most freakiest thing to ever happen was the day I was pickin' up rocks with my toes...some how rocks get in the pool.....I have a feelin' that when Roy mows, he picks up a few and sends them sailin' into the pool!
So I was pickin' up rocks with my toes....I was walkin' along and stepped on something hard and just picked it up.....Put it in my hand to see what it was....when it unfurled!!!!!!

A freakin' spider!!!!!
I dropped it!!!
It started crawlin' on the bottom!!!!

That was the last time I picked up anything from the bottom of the pool.


Susan said...

Eek! That does not sound like fun. Biting bugs and spiders. Ewwwie!

Miss Thystle said...

I suddenly do not want a pool anymore.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

and where exactly is that pool of yours located? The forest? : )

MizAngie said...

When my mom had her pool, also out in the country, we had problems with fireants gettin' in. They'd float on the top just waiting for someone on a float to come by and save their little stingin' lives. OW OW OW. By the end of July in East Texas, though, there's just enough drought going on to draw lots of critters to a refreshing giant water trough. Ha!

jenX said...

ohhhhhh. i'm goose-bumpy now!!!!!

Tracie said...

eww, maybe I don't want a pool anywmore!