Friday, July 10, 2009

I Added A Couple More Bags...

Check Them Out!!

My sister called this am, upset. Grandpa wanted something the doctor told him he couldn't have!!
He has a breathin' problem and over the years, he's been usin' an will. He was over medicatin' himself!
Well now he thinks he's dyin'!!!
Becuz he doctor....a lung specialist took off all the inhalers!!!
RubyJune is stressed! Tryin' to do the right thing in keepin' that cranky old man alive.
Granny is stressed! Becuz of all the bitchin' that Grandpa does....he's not a nice man. He's a bully of the worst kind!
And of course he's stressed.

The only person that I'm concerned about is Granny....and well, RubyJune.
So what do you do?
Let the cranky fart have his way only to further damage his lungs just to keep him quiet??
Or for RubyJune to hold her ground and not give into his demands??

I'm glad I live as far away from it all as I do!!


Billie said...

Depends on how fast you want to get rid of cranky?

Just kidding!!!

I personally would attempt to stand my ground. But I can certainly relate to just wanting the noise to go away. It seems it is rather like a whiny kid that wants their way. Do you cave or be consistent and stand behind what you said previously?

Miss Thystle said...

I'd send Gram some earplugs and a bottle of whiskey.

MizAngie said...

Can you give him an empty inhaler and tell him it's full? Kinda like a sugar pill?

Does he even care that overusing an inhaler can make you stroke out?

This is why I hope I die before I'm real old because I know I'm gonna be hateful like that. Ha!

Katy said...

Man, you got some great ideas here--smarter than me!

I've been internet deprived, but I did see that you've opened you own etsy shop. When I'm ready for my next purse I'm going to let you make it--they look very nice.