Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear MizAngie,

I received a letter today from the OldFolks. They've been to a flower show, worked in the neighbor's yard, she got her hair fixed and she bought him new shirts for church.
Good Times!!

And you will not believe what the HappyBaby said to me today, "I love you, you're so silly."
Isn't that the sweetest thing ever!!!
Even after I told her not to pee in the pool or put gum on my deck again!!

And now me and Roy are puttin' up corn.

Really just good times all around.

Gotta go water my zinnias in Farmville on Facebook.

Sincerely from One sarastic bitch!!
Love and Hugs,

PS: Sometimes I just sit here with my blog open adoring it becuz it's just so pretty I just can't bear to leave it....becuz you know it's all about me.

NH ;}

It's an inside have to be there.


The Gaelic Wife said...

Uh oh! I'm one of those bloggers with the gibberish words you have to type to leave a message. (Yep, I read your comment on MizAngie's blog.) But it's so that I can make sure no one uses my real name because I don't want my stalker to find out where I landed. Hope you venture over to read the occassional blog at my site. Don't feel like you need to leave a comment. I just think it's cool that MizAngie told me about your blog.

Susan said...

Hahaha! I get it! I feel special being privy to this inside joke!

Becca said...

I got it, and you can come by and say to hi to me, I love fresh corn!

MizAngie said...

Ha! Fabulous! As I read your message I was actually rocking in the glider that I use as a computer chair so it really did feel like I was sittin' on my porch visitin' with the HEIFER from next door. hahahahahha....

Y'all come back now, ya here?