Thursday, July 09, 2009

3 Things I Don't Get About My Grandpa...

1) When did it become OKAY to see you're Grandpa's nekked ass?

Roy said, "When they turn 80."
I totally disagree and I still have not seen it.
But nurses thought I should be the one to help him use the bedpan.
What part of "I'm Not Paid To Do That" do you not understand???

2)Why do old men have to make themselves more important than they really are???
My grandpa thinks he was the one to have my uncle taken off life support.
He wasn't even at the hospital!!!!!

3)Why do old men think they know what's best for themselves despite what the doctors say???
He thought he needed more breathin' treatments than they did, that he was gonna die if he didn't, though he was in the hospital in the first place so that they could save his cranky ass!!!

And I got in my car and went home....he drives me crazy!!!

By the way, he went home yesterday after 14 days.
And honestly, I think they sent him home just to get him outta their hair!!!


jenX said...
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jenX said...

it is NOT ok to see old nekked...

MizAngie said...

Eh - old nekkid doesn't bother me unless they make a thing of it. I changed Daddy's diapers but he was out of it by then. However, when somebody is in the hospital and you know the bill is gonna be sky-high, then the aides can do that stuff. Yech.