Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've been a bad blogger...again.

So Sorry.
I have keep up with all my peeps though.

I guess my only valid excuse is life is borin' at the moment...just not much to blog about.
But....let's catch up.

I've been workin' on my tote bag project. I have a few more ducks to get in a row and I'll be ready to go.

I need to be in there right now workin' on that Fur bag's handles....I have an Idea to Fix them!! I can't sell that one...I keep the proto-types.... but the next one will be FFFFurfect!

I've been lollin' about in the pool too....and have "toasted the tender bits".
Roy bought me the BEST EVER FLOATY!!!!

So there's a lot of lollin' about.
What you can't see is that there are ropes tied to it holdin' it in place....The wind came up...while I was on it.....it was really excitin'!! Talk about blow the man....woman down!!!

I've been watchin' the Real Housewives of New Jersey.... I love Theresa!!!
She's so cute...with her girls...with her hubby....with her friends. She took so many clothes on a weekend trip you'da thought she was stayin' for 2 weeks and not 2 days.
She just so cute...and now she's got buh-bees!!

A little funny tidbit....I have been googled for GymHo.com.
There's a website???
For GymHo's???
That's about as good as the ones that come here for Gypsie Porn.

It's summer time and I have places that have not been sunburnt....yet.
I'm outta here.


jen said...

that is exactly the song that belongs on your blog. i want to plan an okie bloggy tweet up. would you come?

MizAngie said...

F*cking rosacea!!! I'd kill to be able to lay out again. *sigh* I used to stay up all night so I could sleep on my float all day. Ha! And I wonder why my skin went bad!?!

The bags look great. I do the same thing with prototypes. Except CeeCee and Addie are wearing mine...

Miss Thystle said...

that's a really nice floaty. Does it have a cup holder? I bet it does!!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

That is one bad ass float. I can just picturing all the lolling that goes on.