Friday, June 12, 2009

Never Lend Your Camera To Your Friend!!

After BasketballCamp, I uploaded my video and pictures to make a DVD for the HappySon.
His mother loved it!
I did a good job.
She wanted me to make one for the HappyDaughter, so she gave me all her cameras.
I sat down with the cameras while she and Roy was out in the pool with the kids to upload her pictures.
And the minute I did it, I regretted it!!
525 photos!!!!
ON MY PC!!!!

I went outside to yell at her.
Doesn't she ever delete things???

"525!!! That's how many photos are loading into my PC!!! 525!!! And there better not be any nekked butt pictures!!!"
She burst out laughing!!
And yelled back, "There aren't any nekked butt pictures!! Just delete the rest and use the basketball photos."

"If I ever give you MY Camera, be careful where you open it up! There are always nekked butt photos on mine!!"
And Roy was noddin' his head to agree with that statement!!

A few days later, she called about what food to bring to a pool party, and she said, "There wasn't any nekked butt pictures were there?"

She doesn't know????
"Yes, in fact there was one."
The line went silent. She was thinkin' about that.
But I let her off the hook, "There was a photo of a nekked seal ass swimmin' in the pool at the zoo."

I feel that one day, she'll get even with me.
She has a photo of me where I look totally stoned.


jen said...

do you laugh while you are typing this stuff. you are the funniest thing. you remind me of re and the idabel girls and dooce all rolled into one, and eveyr time I read "Roy" I just start laughing. I have no idea why.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

LOL @ nekkid seal butt photos! How scandolous!