Monday, June 22, 2009

Cranky Old Poop Day...

So Roy and I were standin' at WalMart the other lookin' at Father's Day Cards....I have a hard time with pickin' out cards. I only have to pick out one. It's Roy's job to pick out one for his dad, not mine!

I might have to sign his name to it and address it but I don't have to pick it out!! I have to put him in a headlock and force the pen in his hand to make him sign the birthday cards for his children.

I mean really!
How you like it if your stepmonster signed your birthday cards and not your father???

But all the rest I just sign and mail it.

I just have my grandpa's to choose....and it's not easy for me.

He's not kind.
He's not wonderful.
He's a pill!!
But there on the shelf was The Best Card for My Dad!!!

I couldn't tell you what it said, I didn't read it.

It just had an old Camaro on the front....same color as his was.....and the tears started come. I quickly put the card down and told Roy I'd do this later.
I've made enough scenes in WalMart to last HIM a lifetime!

1969... Me and Daddy.

But later, I went back to the cards with Roy in tow....It has to be done.
So here we are again...knee deep in mushy cards.

I have the same problem with Mother's Day.
She didn't bake me cookies.
She didn't walk me to class that first day of school.
She's a pill!!!

All the other women didn't have a problem pickin' out cards.

Why can't there be a Cranky Old Poop Section???
I did find a car card that listed several different sorts of cars....and one cranky one.
So at least he's listed once.


Susan said...

I hate picking out cards. I never know what to pick out, funny, simple, sentimental. Ugh. Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are the worst. I don't have to worry about Father's Day of course I always feel like I should get my step-dad one but I always forget. Hope he doesn't mind.

MizAngie said...

I don't buy cards very often. I "make" cheap versions with colored markers. Ha! If I see a card that is so somebody I might get it, but other than that I don't waste my money.

M&Co. said...

I love those cards with the old woman in the fuzzy bunny slippers. I think she usually nails them.

Bird said...

I'd look it the humor section--we're not mushy over here.

jen said...

priceless pic, luv it. if that's you in 69, you had to be born in 67 and that means we're the same age, so pllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee quit saying you're old. hahahaha. that was you complaining about old, right? i read so many blogs.

Vickie said...

I pick out the card for Mo's dad. He is 94.
I waited until the last minute and then went to Wal Mart. The Father's Day card isle looked like a war zone. It was packed and every child had a musical card open playing a diferent tune.
He raised my husband and he is still going. He deserves it.
Love the pictures.