Monday, May 04, 2009


Seriously. Why?
Sex in the City?

Let's recap.
Samantha turned 50.
Had breast cancer.
Has dumped a fabulously delicious man for selfish reasons.
What else is there for her?
Reoccurance of Cancer and her lose her battle?
I dont' want to see that.

Charlotte has the perfect life.
Two children, one adopted and one she hatched.
She's had a career and is now a wife and mother....all she's ever wanted to be.
What else is there for her?
Harry cheat?
A sick child?
Start a business centered around her children?
Write Books on raising children??
And as all things turn out well for Charlotte....everything has....she's not known for being the "Up the Butt Girl" is she!
It will always workout for her.
And no one on Earth wants to see her world crumble.

Miranda has ran the gambit too.
She's got a career and family.
She's managed to fuck it up and still get it all back.
Is she going to have another child with ole OneBall Steve???

And last but not least Carrie.
She doesn't seem like the child-bearing kind. At all.
Big cheat on her....we don't want that. At all.
"I will Love You Forever," Means something to me.

I just don't see where they can take these characters that will sit well with the fans.

When they ended the series, I think the line was, "Even Good Sex Comes To An End."
We've climaxed.
Multiple times.
It's time for a shower.

I love that show.
It was funny, touching, and hip.
Let's not ruin it by runnin' it into the ground. Think 4th Indiana Jones Movie.
Let the girls ride off in their limo into sunset.


ReRe said...

i agree. but i still will see it!!!

i pray to god carrie doesn't have a kid in the sequel. she looked ROUGH in the last movie. age does not become ms. parker

dawn said...

amen sista....

Becca said...

I think it is a case of they just don't know when to quit?

Gina (Mannyed) said...

noooooooooo! all those reason you gave gives me an even more compelling reason to see the movie. What will happen next!

MizAngie said...

It's like "Field of Dreams" for women -"make it [movie] and they will come...and we will make more money."

Bird said...

I think I agree with you on all of this.