Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The ScrewThingy...

So Roy's a gun nut...you know that.
He needed a screw or a bolt or whatever.....we go 'round and 'round about screws and bolts.
If it takes a "SCREWDRIVER" to attach it to whatever....it's a screw!

But he needed a part for a gun....an antique revolver.
There a shop in town. We walk down hill from the house to town.
And let me tell you that is one steep hill!!
I never realized how steep it is until I hafta walk back up it!

So we're at the gunsmith shop, Roy's tellin' the gunsmith what part he needs. I sat down on the swivel bar stool that seems to be in all "Those" kind of stores.
There's one in the gun range.
There's one in the archery store.
There's one in the parts stores.
I think they just put those seats in there for the wives to sit on for display....That's what I feel like!

The gunsmith says, "That's an old gun. That's a rare part. But you're in luck I happen to have one."
Roy's gotta have it...damn the cost! He pulls out his wallet.
The gunsmith holds up his hand to stop him and says, "No sir, step back into my office and we'll talk about it."
So Roy does.
He wasn't in there more than 3 minutes!!
He came outta that room all flushed and grabbed my offa that stool and OUT THE DOOR WE WENT!!
One Bourbon.
One Shot.
One Beer!

"What?" I've gotta know what was said. We've walked outta lot of places for minor things but he never was so pissed off.
Not having DrPepper has never gotten him so ticked off!!!

"I'll tell you when we get home!" He barked at me.
"Hey, just tell me. I can't wait." We're a mile from home and we have to walk up steep freakin' hill!
But all he does is shush me.
"Honey! What did he want? A Blow Job???"
He stopped dead in his tracks, and thru gritted teeth, "Shut up! I'll tell you when we get home!" And he strides off about 10 paces in front of me.

It musta been bad if he needed to walk it off!!

So up the hill we trot.....I stumbled tryin' to keep up with him and lost my balance. I fell backwards into a bush and somehow caught my pants on a thorn and was danglin' there by my butt!!
Like a spider on a web!!
I was flailin' around and screamin' for Roy to come help me.

He turned around and rolled eyes.
The look on his face, You know, it reminded me of the time I fell in the mud.....Just like that!!!

And then I woke up.


Susan said...

You have the weirdest dreams!

throughlalaslashes said...

Oh man! I really wanted to know what the guy said!!!

Tracie said...

O! That was a dream!! Now we'll never know what that guy said to Roy! Quick go back to sleep!

Miss Thystle said...

dang it! I must know what he said!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

but, but, but! ur such a tease, haha!