Saturday, May 02, 2009

Like Sands Thru The Hourglass...

These are the days in our gym...

Can you tell when two people are havin' an affair??

GymHo came in and got onto the treadmill next to Roy.
You remember GymHo. She was "stuck" in a weight machine and "needed" assistance from YoungSquire to "save" her.
I make fun of it all the time to Roy. I will sit down on the easiest, most accessible piece of equipment....

Excuse me, Scooter is pervin' out on Manny and I must go save his virgin ass.
Damn Cats!
I swear!
When Scooter gets his perv on, no cat is safe!

Okay where was I... So I make fun of GymHo by mimickin' her to Roy.
I make that face of the HomeAloneKid and make my pony tail swing a lot and bat my eyelashes at him. He rolls his eyes.

So she's on the treadmill next to Roy....there are 6 treadmills and he's the only one doing that...and she gets on the one next him....hhhhhmmmm....She's A HO!!

Not 2 minutes after she get started, YoungSquire walks in and puts his stuff down next to me.
It was only fair. Roy's got GymHo.

YoungSquire walks over to GymHo and takes out his EarPoopThing and gives it to her for her to listen....they chat. He goes back to work next to me.

Oh Yeah, He's tappin' that!!

Later on when I'm waitin' for Roy, I saw them in the hallway, walkin' shoulder to shoulder and GymHo bumps YoungSquire in that playful sorta way...OH YEAH!

He's bangin' her!!

I asked Roy what he thought about the EarPoopThing....he wants to believe it's just innocent flirting.
But when I told him about the hallway.....that cinched for him!

I know the signs.
How do you think I got Roy?


Tracie said...

definately doing her!

MizAngie said...

If he ain't hittin' it yet, they both know it's just a matter of time... Wonder if he knows he's the ass-dujour for her? Hell, he's a man - he won't care. Ha!!

Bird said...

I call it "the vibe." Sometimes you just know stuff.