Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 Reasons Why I Know Hell Has Froze Over!!!

Send the DevilMan a sweater!!

1) I spoke to my mother.
I have not only spoken to my mother but given her a gift for Mother's Day.

I was shocked too!!

For those that don't know I have deep mother issues. I have not spoken to her for years, not since callin' her a fuckin' bitch at the courthouse. I had my reasons.

She's not the type to rehash the past....I think mainly becuz she doesn't remember it...correctly. She remembers it her way....where she's been given the Mother of the Year Award for Always Being There for Me. That she was a poor strivin' single mother that did the best she could to raise her children.

That would a no.
My father had full custody of all 3 of us...she was not all that involved.

And yes, I spoke to her.
Water under the bridge....
I hope that this does not mean that I am growing up. Becuz I really hate that!

2) I apologized for being such a bitch to my ex-sister inlaw.
And I meant it.

We, me and RubyJune, my sister, were awful to her. She was young and dumb and married to our bubba. And we did what we did ....and they were many things.... to protect our bubba and his son. LittleBub is like my own child. And you don't mess with him!

That Girl didn't have a chance of stayin' in the family when RubyJune and I double-teamed her!!

But I would rather have her back in the family as to have the current MrsBubba. I don't mind that the ho doesn't speak to me....I can live the rest of my life never givin' her a second thought....and Bub knows that....But TheCurrentMrsBubba is disrespectful to my Granny! And that's grounds for full on war.

So I apologized to the EXMrsBubba....she was gracious and accepted my apology. And totally understood the hate and discontent I feel for TheCurrentMrsBubba.

One day when I have time...I'll tell you a couple of the things me and RubyJune did to her.....She never had a chance!

And again...another sign of maturin'???

3) Despite popular belief and a spiteful woman....and DrPhil.... I did indeed last more that 2 years in my marriage to Roy.
15 years in fact.
And still goin' strong!

I can't remember exactly what she said but it was something like "gold-digging home-wrecking whore won't stay with you the way I have!"

Nanny Boo Boo!!!

DrPhil, Take that!

And the Horse you rode in on!!

Ha! maturin' here!


MizAngie said...

God forbid you TOTALLY mature! Ha!!! We wouldn't get along as well if you were to go all mature on my ass. Yech.

I'm sewing and embroidering my ASS OFF today!!! Wish my sewing chair were more comfy...

Bird said...

That is like the quintessential Nadine post. It's just so you!

Bj in Dallas said...

Hey Nadine! Haven't been here in a while, but sounds like Hell may be melting for me after it froze over for you!!

cause thats how we roll...and they better damn welll like it, right?

jen said...

you crack me up, girl. everytime i read your posts - or see the tulsa oil man with the text - take me back to tulsa, i'm too young to marry - i just laugh my head off. i can't believe your inlaws are, well, you know...

big dog mom pam said...

Congrats on the 15 years. I'll give Dr. Phil the finger, too. Hubby and I have been together for 25 years. And Hubby's ex is on Husband #4 and testing out Husband #5. Talk about Drama . . .