Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Can I Say....

But No.
I will not show you the BoozeFueledDVDs.
You'll just have to wait until we are both dead and gone and someone goes thru the safe and decides to sell the BoxOSex on Ebay.

Never teach your spouse how to work the video camera.
It's just shocking the things that you see!!
And I'm no prude!!

So one fabulous DateNight Roy popped in one.
I see now that my ass was indeed quite big....more than that....it was enormous!!!
I realized that I need liposuction. There isn't any amount of crunches or bicycle'n that's gonna cure that problem I've got in the middle!!

Yep....work harder.

And botox!!
I need Botox.
It's funny... in a non-funny sorta way....that no matter what angle my head was in....upside down and hangin' off the bed....that deep set wrinkle in the middle of my forehead NEVER GOES AWAY!!!!
Apparently, no amount of tequila....or happy sex feelin's make that damn thing go away!!!!

Am I the only one that has done this??
If so...learn from my mistakes.


Billie said...

To be honest... I rather like your coyness. My imagination can compensate for the lack of details!

As always Nadine... you are a hoot.

Tracie said...

Thanks for NOT exposing us to the DVDs, to reply to the view of your image, evidently the boy toy likes it!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Hey Roy loves ya wrinkles and all! That's what counts.

MizAngie said...

Ha! No way! Not my nekkid ass. Not in THIS lifetime. Yech. I'd have to be commode-clutchin', snot-slingin' drunk before I'd allow a video. And then ya better be damn sure I'm in the same condition when ya play it back. I can't think of a worse buzz-kill than a video camera.

Did I mention I'm a videocamphobe?

Becca said...

Oh heck no this will not happen in this lifetime. Dealbreaker...

Sherrie said...


...........my lips are sealed!