Friday, April 17, 2009

The Weigh In....

I woke up feelin' pretty good. My appetite has been off a bit so I thought it would be a good time to check the progress of my weight loss....swimsuit season is just around the corner.
I had decided a long time ago that I didn't want to weigh in becuz it was frustratin' to work so hard and the freakin' number on the scales NEVER changes for the better!!

I Felt. Really. Good.

So I weighed.
And then...
I Felt. Very. Depressed.

I walked into the bathroom to shower. But on the way I wanted to discuss this with Roy. "Honey. Lie to me. I'm premenstral. And I might go down to the river and throw myself in. So lie to me. Muscle weighs more than fat. It's got to. How can I be shapin' up my legs and my ass and not lose weight!"
"Well I have the same problem..." he talkin' but it's not makin' sense.

"It's not about you! Today is my day, Roy. MINE!"
He smiled. I think he musta remembered that part about PMS.

"Well maybe, WE don't workout hard enough." he said. He patted his stomach.

I think the only reason he lives now is becuz he said "WE".

"I sweat, Honey. You've seen it. I sweat."
He was still smilin' and started gigglin'.
But I went on, "I have sweat. In my butt crack. In public!"

Tell me I don't workout hard.
He nodded his head in agreement. But didn't say a thing.

It went all down hill from there....until he started sayin' "Yes Dear."


jenX67 said...

you crack me up. and, hey - for a second i did't know where i was. your blog went shopping and got a new dress. nice!

♥georgie♥ said... just completely have me in stitches!!!
Poor Roy...will he ever learn?

Grandmother Witch said...

Oh my gosh Nadine, I don't see you for a month and you totally change. Where is the hot chick look. This looks like "Grandmother Witch" to me. Heck, pull up the rocking chairs and I could be very comfortable here in this new looking place you have. Did Roy think the old look was too hot? Too sexy for ya? I have missed your wonderful sense of humor girlfriend, truly I have. Thanks for jogging my memory.
Blessed be

MizAngie said...

I know, girl. I've had to hide all the sharp objects from myself because one of these days it's gonna be me or them...haven't decided which.

Hang in there, though! Muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle is more compacted so, tho weighing more, is firmer and denser and makes you look fabulous. Hormones totally mess with the metabolism and fluid retention. And remember, 150 is the NEW 115. *giggle* So wherever you are on that chart you need to adjust your thinkin'...

I made most of that up but only to make you feel better and so you wouldn't kill me.

Bird said...

I'e decided that weight makes no sense--I've been eating like crapola and i lost three pounds. Ridiculous. Maybe my body just runs better on Chicken Minis?

Cindy said...

Roy is a lucky man - lucky to be alive that is! LOL!
When a woman warns a man not to mess with her, he should be smart enough to listen - the first time!
BTW - I like the new look. A bit more sedate than I would have pictured you going with, but polka dots are nice for spring :)

Billie said...


We have a gender neutral bathroom at work. It is just a single bathroom at the back of the office that people at the back of the office use.

I didn't want to mention that in my blog because I know of at least one person who may read it.

And it was disgusting the other day!

(And I can't explain why I work out and gain weight. I am totally on board with muscles weighs more than fat)

Dawn said...

goodness I thought I was lost....but the new look is nice...different but nice....