Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today's Lesson: Long John's...

There are those that know about Krispy Kreme and those that know about Dunkin Donuts but apparently there are those that do not know about Daylight Donuts. That's where I first learned about Long John's.

From their website:

"In 1954, Tommy and Lucille Day set out to create a new kind of donut mix — one with a distinctively light texture and flavor. The Day’s light donut recipe became Daylight Donuts. And over the years, their Tulsa-based enterprise grew into a worldwide network of independently owned retail outlets numbering 900 strong… and growing."

Every small town in Oklahoma had or still has a Daylight Donut shop.
And Walmart copies them.
I had no idea that people wouldn't know about Long John's!!!
Roy loves them!!
Chocolate or Maple icing it doesn't matter.
Just as long it doesn't have a creme fillin'!
My favorite of Daylight Donuts are the donut holes.
Think about that!


Tracie said...

Chocolate icing with the cream filling please!

Bobby's Dream said...

DAMN IT WOMAN! Now I am hungry!

Becca said...

Any doughnut with chocolate works for me!

Jeankfl said...

My generation's Krispy Kreme!! We lived about three blocks from one of the originals.. I LOVED Daylight donuts.. still do..

big dog mom pam said...

If you're ever in Ohio, you need to come to Schuler's for one of their long johns. Might be just as good as Daylight's.

Hey, I posted pictures of Rocky . . . let me know what you think of my beautiful baby boy.

MizAngie said...

Ever had Shipley's when they're still warm? Almost as good as a shivering climax.

Where I live it seems that there are only three things that immigrant Orientals can do in East Texas...Chinese food restaurants, pedicures, and donut shops. I wonder why.

Bird said...

Thanks! Looks like a Napolean.

Miss Thystle said...

suddenly I'm thinking my cheese isn't cutting it!