Saturday, April 04, 2009

Roy's Day Out...

He's looked so spiffy when I sent him out the door this mornin'!!
He had a fresh hair cut.
And had groomed up his ears and know those wild hairs that grow unruly on men.
He smelled so good....good enough to screw!!

Good thing he's only going to the Gun Show in Tulsa.

The best part of all....I DO NOT HAFTA GO!!!!

History lessons for those that are new to the Hightower.
Just click on the link and catch up.....New Tricks ... some insight.
And The Flashlight Controversy ... All becuz you have to know what I'm talkin' about.
It really all leads to something...The Man With A Plan ...Thank God!

Recently, there have been two home invasions very close to us and so we're motivated to be more cautious.
More than normal.
One home invasion resulted in a death.
One started with a man knockin' on the door askin' for directions.
Last fall, there were some break-ins of some of the neighbors, but home invasions, is totally different. They know you're home and they come in. THEY MEAN TO DO YOU HARM!

So Roy now packs the Glock45 when we leave the house. If I'm in the house and he's out doin' Roy Things, I have the Glock and he's carryin' the shotgun.
I think it's just a sad state of affairs when you can't live without being afraid in your own home.

Roy has a shoppin' list, his credit card, and some cash.....It'll be interestin' to see what he actually comes home with.
He needs a battery for that damn flashlight of his! It's not a cheap battery either!!
My flashlight is on the kitchen cabinet next to his ammo!!
With a dead battery too!!!! Mine are just a couple of double AA's.
That whole flashlight thing just chaps my ass!!!!
He needs a holster for the Glock...though I found one at the PaintBallPlace!
"It's not the right kind."
It said Glock right on the package!!
We talked about a stun gun.....I think I have him talked into that. He may actually come home with one.

"Who will you test it on?"
"You of course!"
He grinned....I hope he knows I'm just kiddin'.
"You know I'll use it on you if you ever do me."
I grinned....he didn't know I was kiddin'.

But point made.


Dawn said...

home invasion is one of my biggest fears....we live in a remote area and I always tell my mother if you don't talk to me for 2 days send someone to the house.....
I hope he brings you the stun gun...
stay safe.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

We've had a few of those in our city, but thankfully, not too many. So scary when stuff like this starts happening in your own neighbourhood, where you always felt safe.

Jeankfl said...

It is getting worse when it's out in the boonies, where we've always felt safe. I hate having to watch strangers to see what they're doing..
Hope you get a great tazer from the show!!

MizAngie said...

I have a 20-gauge that stays loaded and ready all the time. Daddy gave it to me because, he said, if I'm scared sh*tless I would be shaking so badly I wouldn't be able to aim a handgun. But if I just hold the shotgun in tight at my waist then whomever gets within 6-10 feet of me is toast if I fire. That's great unless they have a handgun and actually know how to aim it. Ha!!

Becca said...

Scary times we live in these days. I hope that you get what you need to protect yourself.

Bobby's Dream said...

People suck. End of story.

My biggest fear is someone in my house. I get so paranoid at times that I can't sleep.

I want a taser...but then I would DEF want to try it out...