Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Out Here On The Fringe...

So Roy said, "Come Help Me!"
He was up on the roof. He is tryin' to boost up our antenna becuz we can't get Tulsa stations any more. We are at the misery of Missouri.

Damn digital BullShit.
Damn the FCC!!

It's like being on vacation ...you know when you're sittin' in a motel in some podunk town hopin' for a weather report to know what to wear the next day and some stranger is tellin' it could rain if you are in BumFuckEgypt County but if you're in ButtLick County you'll need the sunscreen....and you have no idea what county you in...becuz you're on vacation.

If it wasn't for the Tulsa paper I wouldn't have a clue as to what is going on in my own state!

We have a satellite and our company provides local stations for 96% of their customers...guess who lives in that 4% that doesn't get local stations....ME! If 96% of the people couldn't get their news and weather there would be a bigger uproar about it.
But no.
Me and my 4% will be blown away in the next tornado becuz we didn't know about it.
That last storm that past thru the area, The actual Tornado that hit the ground was never announced until after it was over. Tulsa Stations, watch the storms roll all the way across the state.
Missouri stations....are not concerned about the area that I live in it seems.
For first time in my life, I'm scared.

So he bought an antenna that is supposed to be all that and bag of chips and pick up a digital signal 85 miles away....And that would be a NO!

But none the less he needs help. So up on the roof I go....and get yelled at....I did exactly what he said and I still get yelled at.

And when I'm done, It's time to go down the ladder. He says, "Don't fall off the ladder and ruin my day."

I think I have a sunburn!! Thank you so much for that!

Oh and the HD is supposed to be a crisp and beautiful....not so much...it's got twinkle lights all over the screen....WOO Freakin' HOO!!
The next purchase will be a storm shelter.

Post Number 600!!


Miss Thystle said...

my cable once went out for an hour and I'm STILL not over it. You have my deepest sympathy!

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I can't live w/o my cable...I hope it all gets fixed soon so you can get YOUR fix...I hate FCC rules too, even though I don't think we follow them here in Canada, eh.

MizAngie said...

What if you got one of those gadgets or software so you can watch tv on your computer? THEN could you get local stations? There is such a thing, unless Chuck is totally bullshitting me. Which is possible nor would it be the first time.

Susan said...

congrats on your 600th post! luckily we get our local stations with our satellite. of course, i never watch them.

Bobby's Dream said...

I have not turned on the television in almost 8 months unless it was to watch a movie. I do not feel your pain.

BUT, I DO feel your pain about getting yelled at when you do EXACTLY what they say.


I got to play with a blow torch over the weekend. Then he had the audaucity to yell at me when I was aiming where he said to aim. Sheesh. Like I knew WTF he was talking about. I bet he does not ask me to do that again...hehehe.