Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I've got nothing.

When I'm awake at 2 freakin' 30 in the mornin' I have all sorts of things whirlin' around in my brain....but now...nothing.

Man Purses: I'm all for it. A person need something to put all their stuff into to transport it all around. I've been carryin' a hand bag since the 5th grade! Men need bags too.

Sex and the City: I've watched it 3 times. I cry every time when Carrie hits Big with the flowers.
My heart just breaks when Charlotte tells him, "No!!".
I cry when Samantha feeds Carrie.....I want friends like that.

And people think that whole Sex and the City show is about fashion, shoes, and sex....I pity those people.

Facebook: I've found classmates, brothers and sisters of classmates, family members I haven't seen in years and only at funerals....of course my CyberSisters are there too. I have developed a friendship with one classmate's sister...an unexpected pleasure. She's just as quirky as me. Sure some men flirt, it's not like it's gonna get them anywhere.

Some people think that Facebook is "One of Those Websites"....not sure what that would be...I pity them too.

Dreams: One day I woke up feelin' guilty.
One day I woke up feelin' like dancin'.
Not sure what's up with that.

Garden things: Roy's tomatoes froze to death....I told him it was too early!!!

I need an "As You Wish Day"....One whole day dedicated to just me.

I feel like smothering Roy in kisses.....He needs a shave.

I would love to go on a road trip.....It's too cold to take out the motorcycle.

And so there you have it....nothing.

I've got nothing.


ReRe said...

i too am all about man purses. oh how i wish james would carry one instead of trying to stuff my purse with his kleenex, and other random crap he doesn't want to put in his pocket.

and i love Sex and the City. and my heart trembles when Charlotte yells "Noooooooo!" and points her fingers. it's gut wrenching

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

That's more than nothing!! That's something!

Bird said...

I'm with you on the Charlotte thing, but when Samantha feeds Carrie I want to go up to the screen and slap Carrie. Eat or don't--I don't care, but when the shit really hits the fan you can't be that self-indulgent.

Tracie said...

How come your nothing makes a post & my nothing is well.... nothing?

Becca said...

Your nothing made a post, so it is something!

MizAngie said...

Your nothing is a lot more than my nothing.

I can't think - I put on sunscreen and got some in my damn eye. OUCH.

Proto said...

purse this. facebook is under psuedonym, so no past, only present friends on mine.

Stefunkc said...

Oh Sex in the City. My guilty pleasure:)