Monday, April 06, 2009

Man Purses....

Ya'll know I LOVE PURSES.
I have no idea how many I have.
Sometimes, I will change my purse as much as 2 a week.
Those that do not carry a purse....Why?
Where do you keep your cell phone?
Your car keys?
Your wallet??
Do you carry your tampons in your hand??

Oh for the love of all that is Good and Holy, WHY do you not carry a purse?????

The Queen of England, carries a hand bag in her own home. Regis was questionin' that point. "She's in her home why carry a hand bag?"
Well Let's think about that Regis. Her home is Buckingham Palace.....DUH!!!
She in one area of the palace but her lipstick is in another...we can't have the Royal Lips becomin' chapped or uncolored!!!
What if she chips a nail!! All her nail care things are back in the Royal Bedroom!!!
I can totally see why she carries a purse.
When I live in a palace, I'm carry a purse!!

This isn't where I was goin' with all.
But I do have it all off my chest.

Roy's Son has a special vest he wears to the gun shows. Roy says he looks like a mad bomber with it packed with water bottles and whatever else he may need. It's his man purse.

Roy wanted one.

So we went down to the local army supply/paintball place. Roy thought he was torturin' me becuz the place was "so Manly". He knows I hate "Man Stores".....which are feed stores, gun shops, parts stores, and the Academy.
I only tolerate Bass Pro.
Army surplus...that's fun.
Little did I know how much fun it would be.

He looked around for the vest and I looked thru the clothes, hats, and boots. I have a few military hats. I want one like the one I lost that Roy wore in Vietnam...I have no clue to what happened to it! I'm still lookin' for just the right one.
Then I came upon the best most sturdiest bags! Man purses!!
I want one. So they called it a tool bag, it was perfect!!
A place for my lipstick sewn right in the bag....a place for several colors....for whatever mood I feel.
There was one big enough to be a gym bag!!
And a messenger bag!! I really want to have the whole set!!!
And A Swiss Army Back Pack.....Swiss Army???
But hey had matchin' pants!!

I had to get Roy!!
I pulled him away from rubber masks...or maybe they were gas masks...I don't know. He was feelin' pretty good that I had found the perfect man purse. I picked up the small one put it over my arm like all women try it on....if only there had been a mirror!
But better yet, I had Roy's face.

It was beet red.
With a shy grin.
Eyes cast down.

No, not the one.

I picked the bigger one and did the same thing.....still....the face.

"Stop it you're embarrassin' me."

I trudged on.
I tried on the Swiss stuff....and just held up the pants....still the face. But this time he walked away....all a blushin'.

He did however like the messenger bag but not enough to buy it.
He's still holdin' out for a vest.

As we drove home, I told him at least he now knows what to buy me for Christmas.

I don't think he'll ever take me back.


♥georgie♥ said... ya'll didn't go to the gun show this weekend? both my FILs had tables out there-

I actually like the army surplus store too...lots of goodies to be found in there

Bobby's Dream said...

I know you are directing this towards me...LOL!

OKay...I carry my car keys. My debit card goes in my back pocket if I need it or I just keep it in the little pocket in the car.

I do NOT wear lipstick, if I DO wear lipstick, it goes on ONCE and never again.

my cell phone goes in my front pocket.

What else do you need?

Miss Thystle said...

Dream needs to turn in her girl card.

I carried a WWII gas mask bag as a purse for all of highschool. I still take it when I go on vacation to places like Disneyland because you can sling it over your shoulder and fill it full of crap and get it wet, and turn it upside's awesome. Roy should totally buy you one.

Jane! said...

OMG! Back in the 70's we used to buy gas mask bags at the army surplus store and dye them and carry them as purses. Thystle must've got hers from her mom.
I'm old.
The thing I can't figure out about Queen E, is why she doesn't ever set her purse down. I mean it's your own home and even if it wasn't I'm pretty it's safe.

Jane! said...

.... pretty SURE it's safe.
Sometimes words just disappear in the posting process.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I don't carry a purse because my shoulder is injured. I just carry my money and my cards, and my car keys, and I'm good to go. :o)

MizAngie said...

I love man stores! Mostly because of the things you find in them. Uh, MEN. hahahahha...