Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alarms, Manny, And Trixie...

We have a buzzer on the driveway. It's a motion senser. When anyone or anything is in the driveway, the buzzer in the house goes off. I think the cats are gettin' used to it.
When it goes off, they all come into the livin' room to make sure we are there.
If we are not there....well I can only assume that THAT is why they are ALL at the door when we come home.... Like little kids. "Did you bring us anything?"

So when Roy and I are in the livin' room when the buzzer goes off, we are pretty curious to who or what set it off. Roy goes out to look but never has seen one thing that could have set it off.
I figure it just one of the cats goin' to hunt.
Or the neighbor's dog comin' up to eat our catfood.
Once the buzzer went off every night at the same time....but still Roy never saw anything.

We just sorta let it go....another one of those things that just happens. He looks to make sure we don't have company out there and when there's be it.

When the home invasions in the area happened, Roy started sleepin' with the fan off. So he could hear someone bust thru the door. By doin' that....all I hear is Trixie barkin'... all night long.

Last night, I heard the driveway buzzer go off at 12:47.
Trixie started barkin' at 12:57.
I wonder just exactly what she was barkin' at...sometimes it sounds like she's in the next room and sometimes it's like she on the back forty. So I got up and tiptoed thru the house.....trailed by 3 cats, "Why is she going? This isn't normal!" The kittens follow me just about everywhere I go...why should this be any different?

I slowly walked up to the back door. If some PERSON was out there I want to be able to get back to Roy before I was discovered. I peeked thru the blinds and could see that NO PERSON was on the back porch. I didn't see anything out there for that matter but Trixie still barked at the house.
I was just about to crack one of the blinds to get a better look when I heard a noise behind me. I jumped... naturally. I was trying to be stealthy expected Roy to be standin' there...but no. It was Manny on the table. "Whattcha' doin' Mom?" he purred and cooed squirrel noises at me.

I went back to what I was doin' and cracked the blind to look out...and there was a big raccoon out there munchin' on the catfood. That explains so much! We go thru lots catfood!
I watched him for a bit, debatin' on whether or not to go get Roy to "Handle it" or go get my camera. I've tried to take pix of opossums thru the glass without success.
And I'm damn sure not gonna open the door! So no pix of him.
And I couldn't wake up's just doin' coon things. I don't care.

When suddenly, Manny headbutted me!!! He was standin' on the desk by the back door but his front paws were on the door knob and he was lookin' thru my peek hole with me....purrin' and cooin' "Let me see Mom!"
I thought all this window rattlin' and door knob action that the coon would run...but he didn't. He just kept munchin'....Trixie just kept barkin'.....Manny just kept purrin'.

I gave up and went back to bed.

Roy slept thru the whole thing.


Billie said...

I rather like the plain look. Plus... it is not so obvious when I read it at work!!!

Becca said...

I like the new, they can sleep through darn near everything!

Bobby's Dream said...

I told you You could do it!

Hehe! Racoon wakes me up in the middle of the night...we are having STEW!

Miss Thystle said...

well even if he doesn't protect your from vicious invaders, he DID mow the lawn!

Bird said...

Wow. . . things sure are different around here!

Man. . . good thing it wasn't a person!

Buster has different barks for different things. If he makes his people bark then I get up and check things out. Just in case.

MizAngie said...

I like your new look.

I would be scared to get up and wander around in the dark if I lived with Roy - Man With Many Firearms. Ha! Last year a guy in Lufkin shot his own daughter when after she sneaked out. He thought he had an intruder when she tried to sneak back in. She lived, but how crazy would that be?

I can't put catfood out for Hitler (the alley cat - for real alley cat) because of the coons. And I live in the middle of town!

Grandmother Witch said...

If it had been a raccoon on my porch last night instead of the rat I wouldn't be so nervous tonight.
Blessed be