Monday, March 23, 2009

A Whole New Meme....

MzThystle was so tired by the same old borin' meme thingies that EVERYONE DOES....and we've all done them forwards and backwards...I've even done them with Roy just be different! But MzThystle came up with some new questions....Woo Hoo!!!

She's so cool.


1. Three items you would take to a desert island and why. Don't be a loser and say "a boat" either, ok?
Tequila, Sunscreen, and Roy....My main staples of life.
2. If you could only save three people from zombies who they would be?
Roy of course, and my girls....they need savin' becuz I don't wanna raise those grandsons!! Geez do I look like June Cleaver or something???
3. If you had to smell like a food, which three foods would you prefer?
Chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, Fuzzy Navals, and Fresh baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.
4. Three books you wish you'd never read?
The Devil Wears not like the movie. I liked Andie in the movie but hated her whiney ass in the book.
Anne Rice--Memmoch and the Devil or was it Memnoch the devil??? I don't know I didn't finish it.
J B Robb?? a Nora Roberts book....something about Death and the....Oh I don't know...It's on the kitchen Table and It's so not worth gettin' up and lookin' at the title!
5. Three biggest lies your parents told you?
That manure is a cure for freckles....Daddy's doin'.
That my mother will come every other weekend and pick me up for THE ENTIRE not Dad's fault!!
That Daddys will live forever.
6. Three favorite band names (real, or "If we had a band we should call it...")?
Real: Butthole surfers.
Real: Big Head Todd and the Monsters
If I had a band: DrunkMidget Sex
7. Three things that make you go "ew"?
Maggots in live animals.
Flies that are outside my back'd think it was a stockyards around here!!!!!!
My cousin in law talkin' about sex with her cousin. eeeeeuuuuuuwwwaaaaaa....So gross!
8. What are your three biggest addictions?
Shoes, Purses and nail polish.
9. Chicken and waffles are ever so tasty; three food combos so wrong they're right?
Scramble Eggs and ketchup.....It looks like bloody brains on a plate but oh so good.
Mashed tators and corn with ranch dressing...anything to get a kid to eat corn.
Grilled cheese and jalapeno freakin' good!!!

10. Three bloggers you would make out with?
Tough Call becuz I would with many....But right off the top of my head.....MzThystle, Dream,
And MizAngie....mostly just to hear her say eeeeuuuuuwwwwaaaa!!!!!

And there you have it....Play a sport!


throughlalaslashes said...

scrambled eggs and ketchup is one of my favs too!

-thanks for the blog roll add!

Becca said...

What a great like to kiss a girl and would like it would ya? :-)

Miss Thystle said...

Yeah, flies = gross.