Friday, March 20, 2009

Tempers, Tasers, and The Mentalist...

So we were watchin' "the Mentalist"....cute show. I really want Rigsby and Van Pelt won't last but they are cute together. Anyway....

CBIDude was goin' to take in a suspect when he was overpowered and knocked to the ground. The Suspect made an aggressive gesture towards the CBIChick and she TASERED him. He went down like a sack of tators!
Just like that!
End of problem.

I turned to Roy, "I want one of those thingies!"
He rolled his eyes.
The thought of testin' it out on him washed briefly thru my brain.

"No. Hear me out. I wouldn't have to have a license to carry it. And I could carry it anywhere."
"There may be a law to have a license. I don't really know."

And then it began to sink into my brain. The Perp would have to be close to me!! That thought creeps me out. There have been some that were more than just too close and that thought.... just creeps me out.
So I continued that line of thought, out loud, "But the person would have to be close to me?"
Being the voice of reason that Roy is, "Has there been any one you've needed to Taser in the last 20 years."
I've known him for 17 of that time.
But yes, there have been men needin' Tasered!
"Yes, Honey, I have had the need for one."

He rolled his eyes.
"An actual person that was a threat and not some one that just pissed you off?"

"Oh well, if you're gonna be picky about it, Just 10-22 the whole thing!"

Matter Closed.

Seriously though, Katie Couric said that 1 in 3 Women in the military have been sexually assaulted and 1 in 7 civilian women have.....I feel that the number is much higher. I believe in my heart that every woman has been, in some form or another, sexually assaulted.
Many just never say a word about it.


Tracie said...

I would agree with that. There is alot of training with a taser gun. I watched a video of our local police getting the training and part of the training is that they have to be tasered. It was....well....kinda funny.

Billie said...

I think that 1 in 7 is likely a little low. In Canada, in the early 90s, I read a report that 1 in 4 women had been sexually assaulted by the time they were 18. I can't believe that the US numbers are almost half the numbers in Canada. Our societies are too similar to think there would be vastly different results.

Miss Thystle said...

You can get a pink, sparkly taser too.

It's for your safety!

Becca said...

I thought that it was 1 in 4 women who were assaulted. I am not going to bother with a taser. It can be turned on you just as quickly. I worry about that. I am considering getting trained and getting a concealed carry permit. Can never be too careful.

MizAngie said...

1 in 7? UH!?! I missed my turn!!!

I was mugged back in '93. The guy robbed me at knifepoint while I screamed bloody murder. Anyway, he escalated from robbery to rape & robbery, and detectives said he might have eventually murdered if he hadn't gotten caught. My loving brother, though, says to me, "So, this guy stole your purse but he raped the little old woman down the street?" Me, "Yes." Brother, laughing, "Not even a rapist wanted you." Me, "Most brothers would have been happy their little sister wasn't raped." Brother, more laughing. Niiiiiiice...


Dawn said...

ohhhh....I think a taser would be fun to.....and I'll only use it on Brett if he makes me REALLY mad.