Sunday, March 08, 2009

Plan B....

Dental Day...Plan A: Set the alarm for 8:30. We go to the appointment. And go to the gym after that....It's a good thing our plans aren't set in Concrete!!

About 2Am Roy was up. He couldn't sleep. He had a sore throat and was coughin'....which means he's fidgetin'....which means he'll wake me up...and I get pretty damn bitchy about being woke up!!
He finally got up to sleep on the couch. But couldn't.
I got up to see what was going on with him. He was all pissy becuz he couldn't sleep and wanted to take a bath.
He said he might not be able to get his teeth cleaned....Plan B. He changes his appointment.

But how can a person know at 2Am how he'll feel at 10:30Am??
I got him lined out and medicated....I went back to bed.
I was plannin' PlanC....I go alone.

But after the bath and some medicine he felt pretty good by 8:00....who needs an alarm???
He came into the bathroom feelin' all cocky, took his belt and popped me on the ass 3 times!!
"Honey stop that....that hurt!"
"But I like it. I think I could do in the bedroom too."
"Whatever! You'll have to find someone else to spank. I don't like it!"
"But I get to keep you too. Right?"

Isn't he sooo sweet???
"Yes. You get to keep me too."

So you see...Plan A was still rollin' forward.


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Bird said...

We're on plan b today which meant no therapy since Charlie woke up with the croup. He seems to be doing better, though, so now I'm going to be calling and trying ot re-setup all the appointments that I already cancelled.