Monday, March 02, 2009

Mothers, Daughters, and Paul Harvey...

Through the years, I've told a little story about my youngest daughter, EudoraMae. I like to tell the story to family and friends to give some incite into my daughter's strong will and determination.
When she was in Junior High, she played basketball.
She's taller than me, she's all of 5 foot!!
We are not known for our basketball skills.
But she played anyway.
She mostly rode the pine, but was ready to go when called.
To give her all....she's got her mother's tenacity!

So in the 4th quarter, she went in to play.
And did she ever! Runnin' up and down the court...she looked liked a pro!
But she was guarded by some big brute of girl that knocked her down!

I don't know who was on their feet or her!!
But someone was gonna get there ass kicked!!

When I tell the story, I stop there.
People giggle.
Sharin' the joy of a mother's love for her daughter.

And the determination of a daughter that lives by the words her mother told her, "Don't take shit offa no one!"

Little did I know that she was tellin' this same story to her new family and friends.
To give some incite into her mother.

She would tell about playin' on basketball team.
About sittin' on the bench for most of the game.
About goin' into the game in the finally minutes of the game.
About being knocked down by some big brute of a girl.

But she goes on to say, "As I jumped up to kick that girl's ass, I could hear my mom yellin' from the stands, 'Get that fat girl offa my baby!!'"

And that.... is the rest of the story......

Paul Harvey, Rest in Peace.


Kelly said...

Either way it's told, it's a great mother daughter story. I always wished my mom had that kind of gumption.

Bobby's Dream said...

You go Momma!!!

I know I will be the same way.

Ace said...

Awesome, I always loved PH and your story is a good rendering of one of "the rest of the story".

I want to hear the story behind the name EudoraMae, never heard it before!

Becca said...

Is EudoraMae her real name? Somehow I wonder.....

Susan said...

I posted pictures of the Chucks! I will not fail you again!

MizAngie said...

A lioness is what YOU are. Ha!