Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Ladies At The Gym....

I've been rollin' this around in my head for awhile now. I haven't quite figured out the right thing to do. You'll always do.
So help me BlogWorld.

There are these ladies at the gym that are big ladies. One walks with a cane, she'll be CaneLady. And one wears tshirts with blizzards and frostys or tees from DairyQueen, she'll be The DairyQueen. Both are super sweet and are workin' very hard to reach whatever goal they have set for themselves.
So here's the problem.
I would like to say, "Atta girl" or "Good Job" or "Keep it up!" without comin' off like a lesbian. Or have one of them burst into tears "You think I'm fat!!!" sorta thing.

You see I have lost 20 pounds. I have trimmed down a great deal. But very few people have said anything to me about my progress.
My sister at Christmas said something about it. She has to say something. She's my sister!
One of the BeeHiveLadies commented on my legs ....."lookin' firmed up".
And then there's Roy. He was watchin' me get dressed and said "You need to buy smaller panties."
Isn't that just the sweetest thing!! But he wants laid.

If someone odd off the street would say something or those people that haven't seen me for 6 months I would feel like all the torture that I've endured was worth all of it!!

So here we are back to these women...I want to encourage them.
The CaneLady reached a goal and had her photo on the wall. So when we were in the locker room together...and her ModestyLevel is where mine is....she didn't think a thing about undressin' and dressin' with me. So I thought if she as bold as me I'll just go for it. I told her I saw her photo on the wall and that she was doing a good job.
She just lite up!
She and I chattered away while we dressed. I have a feelin' she thought I was one of those SkinnyBitches that didn't want to lower myself to chat with her.
That's what I think about those SkinnyBitches!!
Those that look at me over the top the Vogue magazine.
Look at me like that again I'll squash your SkinnyBitch-Ass!
And you'll say "ThankYou for allowin' me to read YOUR Vogue!"
That's right, I brought that to gym!

The CaneLady now talks to me everytime we are in the gym together.

Anyway, TheDairyQueen, she is awesome!
She gets on that elliptical thingy and gives it her best. I can't do that. I'm outta breath after 2 minutes.
She's making progress towards her goals....You can see it.
But her photo isn't on the wall to show her progress.
Do I just suck it up and go in like Nadine normally does and just say "Atta Girl"??
And if I walk away with a be it.
It won't be the first time.


OURedhead said...

I say you say something to her. It always makes you feel better to hear something good about yourself and that someone else notices.

MizAngie said...

Do what you feel. If you say something with sincerity it's bound to be well-received. As a woman who hates skinny bitches, I would suggest saying it on the down-low. It probably took everything these women had to make themselves enter that environment, and they probably try to be invisible so as not to attract anymore attention than possible. (As if!) But who wouldn't want some encouragement?

You're still my hero for working out so regularly and tenaciously!

Mary Moore said...

I also say go for it and say something. The worst thing that can happen is you'll get asked out. The best thing? A new friend! And making someone's day!

Kelly said...

I agree with Angie...don't make a big deal out of it, but do say something.

Jeankfl said...

Yep.. just a friendly comment about how good she does that, and how good she's lookin'.. she probably knows you're usually there with Roy, so I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone loves a compliment!

Idabel Oklahoma said...

HA! But he wants laid.

Tell her! Nothing worse than working your big ass off and then no one tells you "Hey, nice ass"

Bobby's Dream said...

The best day in my life was when a waitress at a chinese food place (she does not speak much english) came over to my table and was talking so excitedly and the only word I would make out was "Skinny". She made me feel so good that someone had noticed that I was losing weight.

I don't think they would think it was a pick up line in the least just a friendly acknowledgement of their dedication.

DO IT! You will like it...hehe.

Billie said...

I am always worried I will offend but you are much bolder than I am.

They do know what causes the pain. The issue is that I have breast tissue in my underarm. So when my period comes around... it gets sore/swollen just like my breasts do. Period goes away... pain goes away. That was generally the case except that the mass had gotten large enough that it was 'in the way' and would be painful at other times too. The goal of the surgery was to remove it all. *sigh* The problem is that I don't think anyone understood how far it had gotten into my underarm. So my period is basically over and pain is disappearing. I was just hoping that this surgery would have solved the entire problem. And perhaps it can't. Perhaps they can't get it all out without taking other things like lymph nodes and stuff. Either way... I am not volunteering for another surgery at this point so they can continue to dig around to look for it.

Bird said...

Just tell her she does a great job on that ellipical thingy! Everyone likes a compliment.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Yea I agree with Bird, pay her a compliment on her elipitcal skills - that would be a nice way to pay her a compliment. Now, please come to my gym and pay you a me a compliment. Thanks. I'll swap mags with you.