Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From My Area...

Grove, Oklahoma....
There are a couple of things that stand out.....
This is out in front of a flea market.
As a kid I thought it odd that someone would sell fleas.
This particular flea market was owned by a man named Dan. He died a few years ago and I don't even know if the place is still open.
He has several unique items.
Two things stand out, a golf ball with square dimples and a four foot cast iron claw foot tub.
He gave me a wooden round to-it.
I have no idea where it got to but one day I'll get a round to it!!
hehehehe...get it! a round to it!!
He thought that was pretty funny too.
Another thing that's popular around Grove is the Cherokee Queen. I personally have not been on it. It's supposed to be like a paddlewheel boat. I can't even tell you if they serve dinner or what. I do know that they rent out to party for the tribe's employee party. I had a friend that her husband...he's an ex now...but his idea of a great weekend to win over the love of his lady was to take to Grove and have a ride on the Cherokee Queen. The lady was supposed be swooned by the beauty of the ride around the Grand Lake O'Cherokees and fall hopelessly and madly in love with him.
He has been married 3 times....that I it worked 3 times!!
There is also Har-Ber Village....We took Roy's parents many years ago and all those photos are tucked away in an album. I really need to pull them out and go thru them.


MizAngie said...

Good thing I never met your friend and he took me on the boat because I'm pretty sure I'd be a puker. I tend to get motion sick on boats.

I like the big cowboy, though. I bet it was fun digging through all the junk. Errrr, antiques.

Bobby's Dream said...

I can remember an old wooden Indian that stood out in front of one of the diners here in town when I was a kid. It always creeped me out.

This cowboy does too now that I think about it...hehe

Miss Thystle said...

I think that big old cowboy left his big old boots and hat in seattle.

Jane! said...

Why DO they call them 'flea' markets, anyway???
I love those big ole statues!

Jeankfl said...

Yes, the cowboy is still open, on some weekends. Dan's widow is a friend of Mom's.. You should go back to HarBer Village, it's grown!! Great little restaurant there!
The Queen has lunch and dinner cruises around the lake.. bar on board.. mainly during the summer. There's lots to do and see around our little town!!

jenX67 said...

I love the song with this post. It made me laugh for a spell.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

See, the one thing Times Square is missing is a big ole cowboy. Hmm.