Friday, March 13, 2009

Exercise Endorphines....

those that I obiviously do not have, work perfectly fine in other people. I have seen them at work.
Old men flirt.
Old ladies giggle.

The other day, while I was waitin' for Roy to get done, a young lady saw me. She always asks me about Roy. The whole freakin' gym knows about Roy and his wild ambition to get 2500 miles in one year....well they don't know that but they know he walks for hours.....many hours.
I always ask him if she said anything to him.
She doesn't.
We can't figure that out.
She'll talk me but not him.
So she stopped what she was doin' to chat about him. I told her what I knew, which wasn't much. She sat down with me. And talked the entire time all of 10 minutes....she'd ask me a question but before I could answer it she was off on another subject!!
She even drew in the man that sittin' behind me into the conversation.
She chatter was about nothing. But important to her so I listened but I couldn't help but giggle at her.

And the man started giggling too.
Pretty soon she decided to go on about her business.
Sweet kid.
She shadow once at the clinic when she was in HighSchool and passed out durin' a cat spay.

I waited until she was outta earshot, turned to the man behind me, and said, "I feel like I was just run over by a car!"
He was still gigglin'. "That must be one of the GymHighs!"
We both agreed.

That has never happened to me!!
Take me shoe shoppin' and you'll see some Endorphines at work!!


Gina (Mannyed) said...

Yup, you know the elusive endorphins have yet to make an appearance with me. All the ladies at the front desk rather talk to The Husband than me. Which is fine.

Bobby's Dream said...

Oh, you have to EXERCISE to get endorphines? Never gonna happen!

So sorry that you do all that work and never get high. It does not seem fair to me.

Me thinks she may have a little crush on your hubby...LOL!

Mary Moore said...

Maybe that's why I need to nap all the time...

I guess it's time to get some runners...

Becca said...

The only endorphins I get are from something else!

MizAngie said...

Screw endorphins! And that b.s. about "if you'll do it for three weeks straight then it'll be a habit and you won't feel right if you DON'T do it." Yeah....whatEVER.

Kelly said...

I'm not sure I've ever had endorphins. Maybe I was born without them. Oh well, I haven't missed them yet. lol

Billie said...

I never saw those endorphins show up either. Exercise is work. At least in my books. After I exercise... I am tired! and sweaty!

Bird said...

Yeah. . . I never had much luck with those endorphins either. Shoe shopping is a much better bet.