Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Different Cats

Lazy House Cat

The Pampered Indoor Cat.... do nothin'.
Oh, they do run around throwin' cat hair every where!

The One that Handles Life Outside.....

She doesn't care about gettin' dirty.

She helps me while I take photos.....

And gettin' this photo made the momma nervous.

"Son, I've told you never get near those creatures!"

But Poppa isn't so scared....he even stomped his foot at me.

And we left!


Bobby's Dream said...

That is frickin hilarious...LOL!

Cows are funny. They have a great sense of humor don't they?

Susan said...

That calf is sooo cute.

What's this about an abscessed tooth, didn't you two just go to the dentist?

Becca said...

Beautiful pictures!

Jeankfl said...

Isn't life in Oklahoma grand??lol Great cats! Mine are curious like that.. Magic was the best.. but she's gone now. She was my buddy. What's this about a dentist run???? Come out for soup and chili Saturday at the high rise on the island!! It's at the Towers..11:30-2pm. It'll be good!

Billie said...

See looks a lot like my calico including the very fat part!

Mary Moore said...

Love the photos!

ANd the music (Van Morrison) that just came on has made my day. It's just what I needed to hear this morning! Thank you!