Monday, March 30, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls, Tomatoes and Long John's....

I have a lot to learn about Cinnamon rolls.
They weren't bad...they weren't the best!
Roy ate 3 right off.
Who can resist fresh right outta the oven Cinnamon rolls??

The next batch will be tweeked a bit.

The tomatoes....some will not make it.
The cabbage and broccoli....are perfect!
And I noticed the a pea sprout!!

Damn that late snow storm!!!!

And on a more humorous note...

Roy loves WalMart's LongJohn thingys.
So I went to pick him out some...why he can't do this? I don't have a clue.
The box may be intimidating?
Or the tissues to pick them up???
Or maybe the fear of gettin' one of those creme filled ones....oh the horror of bitin' into one and havin' lemon goo ooze into your mouth!!
So the task is all mine to find him the perfect LongJohn thingy.

Let me set the scene for you.
We were almost to WalMart...15 miles from the house....when I realized I had left my wallet in my gym bag!!!

Roy pulled out his wallet to count his money. He doesn't carry a debit card or any credit cards for that matter. Our whole trip to WalMart was on his cash.
I went to look for a patch for a friends purse. She's an OSU fan and wanted a cutesy purse made. And I needed milk.
And more things that escape me now....but it was all up to Roy's cash!!
All of 9 frickin' Dollars!!!!

Everyone and their dog pup was at WalMart pushin' their carts in my path....Why don't the rules of the road apply to shoppin' carts??
Pedestrians Have the Right-Away!!!
And every WalMart employee seemed to be stockin' things, but not the things I wanted. Why is that??
And there was nothing to add to my friends purse.....that didn't go over Roy's cash.

I was so pissed off. I worked real hard at findin' a way to blame Roy.
I failed to come up with anything!

"Hey Babe, would you get me some LongJohn's for the ride home?" problem!!!

I trot my HappyAss over to the bakery only to find an Employee stockin' the donuts...go figure.
And an old lady with a shoppin' cart.
I cut right around the Employee and in front of the shoppin' cart. I was gettin' those damn LongJohn Thingys and gettin' the hell out!!

And Roy said, "Did you see that?"
He was speakin' to the little old lady.
I ignored him.
"She cut right in front of you!"
The little old lady said, "That's alright."
"Oh no! She shoulda waited."

What the hell Roy???

"Oh no, she's fine."
"Oh no. I'll throw her to the ground if you want me to?"
The little old lady started gigglin',
He went on, "I feel responsible for her as it is. She is gettin' those LongJohn's for me."

Some days I just wanna slap him!


Bird said...

You're gonna have to post a picture of these Long John things--I have no idea what you're talking about!

Sounds like a good trip:)

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Roy sounds like a blast.

And yes, a picture of the Long Johns, please and thanks.

Here I was,picturing long underwear...

Billie said...

I too was picturing long underwear and wondering what tissue had to do with it!

Tracie said...

LOL What a joy he must be to have around! After my Sunday trip to Wally's World, I have decided the the biggest percentage of WW shoppers are stupid! Inconsiderate! & Just plain RUDE! I've been thinking of blogging about it.

Tracie said...

My mind was going ALL over the place trying to figure out what the "long john thingy" was! Personally, I like the goo in the middle.

Bobby's Dream said...

I know what you are talking bout...LOL!

Sorry your rolls did not turn out as well as you would have liked!

Becca said...

Long John is a doughnut, right?

Miss Thystle said...

I know what long johns are. Does he like the maple ones? Mmm....

MizAngie said...

Judging by your comments, I'm assuming a longjohn is a southern delectable. Who knew? I thought donut terms were universal. Makes me wonder if they have colored sprinkles up north. That might explain some of the less friendly yanks I've come across. Who can be cranky with a warm, greasy donut slathered in chocolate and then sprinkled with festive little dots of primary-colored specks of sugar? I rest my case...

Oh, and I kinda like biting into a longjohn and having the vanilla custard ooze into my mouth. It's a bit phallic. But not as much so as a sausage kolache. Mmmm...