Friday, March 27, 2009

Answering Comment...

Roy's Rock...Thystle, that big Mutha still sits where he left it.....about 75 yards from where he picked it outta the ground and drug with his truck to my yard.
He was concerned that I might back into it when I back my car out.
2 problems wrong with that....One, it's well outta the way.
How the Hell can I back my car out and into that hugeass mutha humpin' rock, when I DON'T FREAKIN' DRIVE MY CAR!!!!!!!

That's a sore point.

Why he worries about the rock, I'll never know!!
He actually said, "I think my rock has moved."
I looked him liked he's insane!!
It hasn't moved!!
It would take THE 1st Marine Division to MOVE IT!
And I only have 1 on staff!


It will probably be there until I make him put it somewhere....and I have decided where.

Ventl8R commented "Forget the rock, I'm drooling on the hands and forearm!! Sorry Nadine, that is one thing I look for on a man is the size of a man's hand and forearms. Shows strength, and we all know where that may lead!! ;-)"

All I can say, "I'm strong to the finish cuz I eats me my spinach!"
Damn right!

Swimsuits 101....And that's why Dreams on the list of bloggers I'd make out with!!

"That's because Dream swims in the nekkid. No kidding.", Thystle said it Bobby! We only want confirmation.


Miss Thystle said...

Roy should start working on a little Stonehenge.

Becca said...

Roy is an artiste in the making!