Thursday, March 12, 2009

And You Thought The Dentist Saga Was Over...

So Did I!!
To Recap...It will not be a quick one.
Roy had a head cold.
We had a dental cleaning schedule.
We went anyway.....I always say we....we do EVERYTHING TOGETHER!!
That was on Thursday.
Friday he was full on sick.
He refuses to take medicine. "It will just go away." He has no concept of buildin' up his immune system....NO! Let's let get completely beat down and be so dizzy you can't get outta bed.
He is not the best patient...."Well you're not the best Nurse!!"
If I know what's wrong I can fix it but when some says, "I don't know where it hurts and I do not want to take that nasty shit!!" I tend to back the fuck off!!

Saturday....same shit. Though he tried to get out....we went to an auction but the head cold was too much.
Sunday... same shit. But he at least got out in the yard for awhile. He started takin' medicine.
Monday....he felt way better and started a different sort of banter. Not so cranky bitchy but humorous.
Tuesday....he copped a feel, so his head felt better! But his tooth started botherin' him. But becuz he will not take medicine, he wouldn't take a painkiller to help with the healin'. "It'll go away."
By Tuesday evening, his jaw was swollen up big time!!
By bedtime, it was decided we will be going back to the money grabbin' dentist and "I want a painkiller!!"

I called the dentist office as soon as they opened.
We were there 30 minutes before they wanted us.
He went back alone.

They took x-rays.....He said, "You took those the other day."
"Oh but things have changed."
I don't think infection shows up on an x-ray but I could be wrong.
Make note....this set....will not be covered by the insurance!!
The MoneyGrubbin' Dentist, "Oh MrHightower we see this all the time. We need to pop that GOLD Crown off and do a RootCanal and blah blah blah.....schedule an appointment."
And Roy said, "OH NO!! This is what WE're gonna do, WE're gonna treat it with antibotics and painkillers and see what happens!"

I'm about a halfa bubble off walkin' out on them as it is....Pop off that Gold Crown and put in fake crap! I swear these people have wanted to do that to him and me since the day I set foot in that office 5 years ago. I can't believe I've taken it this long.

I can't wait to see this bill.

And MoneyGrubbin' Dentist said, "Well that crown could be leakin'.""



Billie said...

Eduardo and I go to the same dentist. He thinks they are ripping them off. I have never had a problem. I told him he was welcome to head to another dentist. He is still going.

I do think that if both of you hate your dentist... find another! I hated my first dentist down here and couldn't be happier with my second.

Bobby's Dream said...

I like the antibiotics and painkillers method. Or, you could still use my suggestion and use the pliers!


I hope Mr. Hightower feels better soon!!!

At least for YOUR sake!

MizAngie said...

OUCH! Why does everything attached to the head always hurt worse? Teeth, ears, nose, eyes... OUCH OUCH OUCH!

Feel better, Roy! And be patient, Nadine...

Mary Moore said...

Get better!

As for teeth, I hate anything at all to do with them. And that we have to trust the dentists and do what they say, and then pay them through the nose for it.

We sometimes think our dentist is just in it for the $$ as well...although try proving that.

Becca said...

I hope that Roy is doing better soon and that this bill is not as big as you expect. Your dentist sounds, well, more than a little, off?

Ace said...

Good Lord, find a new freaking dentist already! Someone you know must have one they can recommend.

I hope the swelling is not something serious!

Tracie said...

I think the dentist is a rip off anyway. I know we need to take of our teeth, but do they have to charge so dang much?! More than 2/3rds of my cafeteria $$ last year went to the dentist! So far this year's not looking good either!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

I like my dentist but every once in awhile I feel like I'm getting a lil ripped off. Like stop giving me flouride treatments that I didn't ask for - insurance isn't going to pay for that!! I have to go on Saturday for a small cavity. : ( The Husband, too.

Jane! said...

Good luck, Roy.... with both your tooth and your wallet!!