Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Actual Dental Appointment....

Who Knew??
That I could get 4 days worth of blogs outta one dental appointment???

As most know, I hate to go to the dentist. This one in particular tries to dig in my pocket for money that the insurance doesn't cover for work that doesn't need to be done.
Sure, I have a tooth that looks like it has a crack in it....but obviously not a crack that's causin' a problem!!
Not enough to justify a root canal and a crown!!
He told me that a year ago....and I still haven't had a problem.
I am to the point of findin' another dentist.

I do not buy their expensive items they try sell me.

Roy on the other hand....falls on his face every time.

Once he came out the a bottle of something that is still unopened....a year later!!
"Honey!! Why did you buy that?!"
"I don't know. She said I need it."
"Did she smell good?"
He lowered his head, "Yes."
"Did she talk sweetly?"
"You are in so much trouble!! Do not fall for those ploys!"

So this last trip to the dentist when I was presented with a treatment plan to do work in mouth that was gonna cost me thousands of dollars, I declined. I will not do work I do not need.

But Roy....There are some days, I wanna slap the snot outta him!

We got in the truck, "Honey, did you get a treatment plan?"
"Did they want to do thousands of dollars of work on you?"
"Yes." And he hands me his appointment card.
"What the Hell?!! Honey!!! We've talk about this!! Did she smell good?"
He lowered his head, "Yes."
"Did she talk sweetly?"
"Did she show you a tit? Becuz that is the only thing that's gonna get you outta the doghouse with me!"
"No. But she said I could spank her."

Oooooh MmmYyyyy Gaaaaaawd!!!
He is so good with those zingers!!

He's so lucky that we only have to pay $50 for his work!


Ace said...

lol, good story! Maybe Roy needs a whuppin' of his own...

Kelly said...

I think you need to accompany Roy at every dental/doctor appt...it's the safest way. lol