Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When It Rains It Poors....

The other day as I came outta the bathroom I got my foot caught in the carpet and tripped. It's freakin' old carpet!!

Home improvements are not a priority.

It's huntin' and huntin' accessories, fishin' and fishin' accessories, motorcycles and motorcycles accessories, guns and gun accessories....occasionally, we take cruises.

Home improvements....is not on the list of things to do.

I told Roy, he should get his staple gun and fix that as someone in a drunk stupor might really hurt themselves.

I got the brush-off!

"Then I'll just do it myself!"

"Don't touch my staple gun!"

I got the hammer and tacks and fixed it...he'll thank me when he doesn't fall and break his neck!!

Remember when we stimulated the economy and bought a new toilet???

Well, it was designed to be efficient...a water saver.

Less water to flush.

Probably designed to be in SOMEONE ELSE'S HOME!

Last fall, I noticed that it looked like it didn't have enough water in the bowl to do the job. I commented to Roy about it.

And I got the brush-off, "It's supposed to do that. Don't mess with it."

Then one day, he clogged it.

He thought that there just may be a clog in the line and I got the 3rd degree about what I might have done to the toilet.

Just becuz something breaks does not make it my fault!

Normally, yes.

This time, no.

He poured water down the toilet until whatever was dislodged and the toilet worked like it should.


I still felt that he needed to adjust whatever little thingamajig need adjusted to put more water in the bowl.

He said no.

"Oh, I'll just look at it later."

"Nadine, do not touch that toilet!"

I didn't mess with it.

But I harped at him all the freakin' time about it.

He came to me just the other day and said that maybe we should flush the toilet more.

What?? I flush it every time!!!

"No, just for the hell of it."

"So it needs more water?"

He smiled. He instantly saw where this was goin'.

"No and do not touch that tank!"

This was about the time that the dishwasher decided to crap out on me...and was peein' on the kitchen floor....sorry for the puns.

He said, "Do not run the dishwasher until I'm here either."

I smiled at him my "I'll do whatever I damn well please smile", and said, "I'll have the dishwasher pulled out and apart and the toilet fixed by the time you get back from the gym!"

And he knows I'll do it!

He giggled, and I love it when he giggles, he scooped me up in his arms, "DO NOT TOUCH EITHER ONE."

I didn't touch either.

I can be swayed.... easily.


Billie said...

And shoes... you forgot to mention that shoes were more important than home improvement!

Tracie said...

sucker! LOL

Darlene said...

OMG, you guys are so cute!

got a new home I think. Wanted to invite you cuz I misses u mucho!

It is a work in progress so be patient.


Miss Thystle said...

That's how home improvements work in my house too. Like my two brand new toilets, and three new ceiling fans, which are still in the garage after an entire year.

Grandmother Witch said...

Wish I had someone to tell me not to touch things. Fortunately Sis and I can afford to just replace appliances when the need arises, and in the long run it's cheaper than having a man around. We did see a boytoy with a sign on the side of the road coming home from a huge shopping spree and she just grinned when I asked if I could take him home and keep him.

Mary Moore said...

Home improvements? What the hell are those?

MizAngie said...

What? No picture of your Toilet-fixin' shoes? Your Carpet-tackin' Shoes? What are you THINKIN'???