Monday, February 23, 2009

What A Weekend!!!

Started out like it was gonna be horrible. My sister, RubyJune called and she was very upset.

Oh Shit here we go again!!!
They are takin' my Granny to the hospital. And RubyJune could only say a few words that I could understand. What I did make out was, "And Grandpa's freaked out!"


I called my aunt to get it from her. VioletJean was more calm and had a whole 'nother story to tell. Yes they were takin' Granny to the hospital but she didn't think I needed to make the trip....just yet.

That's what I wanted to do....get on my fastest horse and fly like the wind on that 90 mile drive on the Turnpike!
I think I could do it in 30 if there was no traffic!!

But I wanted the dust to settle.
Every one's emotions are on edge and that just adds to the stress of the patient...Granny.
And I'm glad I didn't go Saturday.
It had been rough.
With Granny comin' and goin' outta her head and Grandpa gettin' on to her for being loopy and not knowin' the answers to the simple questions the doctors and nurses were askin' was too stressful.
My aunt and sister called me thru out the day with updates.

Sunday, my daughter, EdithAnne and I went to Southern Oklahoma to see EudoraMae, my youngest daughter and all the boys. We had a pleasant trip....I hope we can do that more often.

My grandson's feet...lookin' at his feet is sooo much better than his snotty nose! I have that photo too!

EdithAnne and I went to see Granny when we got back into the Tulsa area.

Things were more settled.
They think she may have had a mini stroke.
She tells the nurses, "I went Crazy."

VioletJean called this am to say that her MRI's are good but Granny was just determined to get outta bed and get that roast outta the oven....all night long.

I knew I shoulda called her when I got home to turn the alarm on the bed back on.

I've asked many times if Grandpa should be alone. And everyone agrees he shouldn't be but he doesn't want anyone to stay the night with him. I'd go and use the excuse that I needed a place to stay until Granny gets outta the hospital but he's so cantankerous!!

Of all the kids, I'm the one that he wants to argue with....all the freakin' time. He and I can argue about the barn ...I can tell him over and over again it's blue. And he'll argue it's red!! That I'm just so dumb that I can't see it's red!

And I SWEAR...The next day, He'll say "Oh no I didn't say that blue barn is red!! Why would it be red, when it's obvious it's Blue!"

And maybe it's just me. None of the other kids argues with him. I'm just to bull headed to back down from him. The rest just say, "Sure Grandpa, it's blue." or "Yep you're right it red."

And barns, tractors, weather, sheep, goats, or JoeShit the don't matter. We argue.

But I'd go.
Stay with him.
Then I can say, "I went Crazy!"
So if I'm gone a few days, that's where I'll be.

You wanna see my Okie photos??
I'll dig them out later.


Jane! said...

I LOVE baby feet. Now I think maybe it's because they don't run or poop or usually get rashy. Ha!

I hope you and Grandma don't end up sharing a room....

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Hope Granny feels better soon!

Mary Moore said...

I'm sending positive vibes your granny's way. Hope things settle down soon.

Jeankfl said...

Oh, I hope Granny's ok.. I'll say a prayer. I hate making that run on the turnpike when you really need to get there fast! I've done it in less than an hour!LOL You and Grandpa must be too much alike!
Cute baby feet! Yeah.. let's see more pics!

Becca said...

Oh big hugs dear friend. That has to be hard, watching people that you love getting older and losing their mental faculties. Hang in there and yes I would love to see the pictures.


Billie said...

I hope everything turns out ok with your grandparents.

♥georgie♥ said...

awwww look at those sweet feet!

Hope Granny is doing better! Gosh thats scary

Bobby's Dream said...

Sorry to hear about your granny. I hope she is okay.

I think I fixed the comment situation. PLEASE leave some. I needdddsssss them.

Big Hugs!

MizAngie said...

Daddy did that one time...started makin' weird noises, didn't know anything...we thought he was havin' a stroke. Turns out his blood sugar was too low and he was headed for a coma. Scared the piss outta me. Didn't do a lot for him, either, even though he couldn't remember anything about it.

I'll say a prayer for your granny.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Oh man..need some baby toes to nibble now.