Thursday, February 26, 2009

Store Clerks, GymHo's And Wives...

I'm not normally a jealous person.
A long time back....years have past by....some one had mentioned to Roy about a store clerk being a "great little gal". He had heard that she was such a great little gal that men lined up to see her.
To have her talk to them.
To have her smile at them.
He had to see her to see what the fuss was all about.

He went to the store and saw the clerk.
There was no line.
There was no "great little gal".
He was not impressed by the clerk he saw.

So HisWife went.
Oh...There was a line.
And there she was...a rip in her jeans with her ass hangin' out.
She smiled a big toothy grin at the men in front of me....and frowned at me.

Every time Roy went in....NO "Great Little Gal".

"Then Stop Goin' IN There!" HisWife Said.

Years have past by....
A couple of weeks ago, The Great Little Gal, was in our gym.
And I brought it to Roy's attention.
And presents perked up a couple of other men....She's something! They oogled her as she worked out on all the machines.

Roy was still not impressed.

He watched her walk on the treadmill. If She wasn't watchin' herself in the mirror, she was lookin' around the room to see who was watchin' her.
And he said to HisWife, "She's too into herself to be a 'great little gal'."

Today, The Great Little Gal, was workin' out on a weight machine that you sit on and it looks like you are swinging your sittin' on the tailgate of a truck swingin' your legs. You sit down and pull a bar down on your thighs...why? I don't know. I just do what I'm told. Well, MissThing, sat down to swing her legs.

YoungSquire....he's so hot....walked in to do chin ups.

MissThing.....being such a Great Little Gal that she is....instantly she was "caught" in the machine!!
2 men, one being, YoungSquire, ran to her aide....Damn! Why didn't I think of that!!

Roy saw the whole thing.
I could tell what he was thinkin'.
He looked up at HisWife.
I made a face, that "Oh I'm Sure she has problems!" look.
He started laughin'. He admitted to me later that he thought about rushin' to her aide but that would have been a bit much.

Ya think??

I was a "Great Little Gal"....... once.


Bobby's Dream said...

Yes, but you caught your Prince Charming...time to let her catch hers....LOL!

At least you know that Roy has no interest in being caught.

You still ARE a Great Little Gal.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Ha! we had one of those at our work out place. Hated her...until one day she was doing those leg butterfly exercises and she farted! Never had to worry about her again.

Becca said...

I bet she is a great little girl, to a lot of guys, ewww...and you are so much better than that!

Mary Moore said...

Yeah, I think I was a great little gal once too.

Oh well...

At least we went on to be goddesses of so much, whereas she will just wither up.

Bird said...

Love that story.

She better find herself someone soon cuz it doesn't last forever.

Renee said...

I found you through "A day in the life...", I LOVE your gym story! I've seen 'those' gals before! Makes ya wish they would trip and fall! lol!!
Cute blog...I'll be back!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Vickie said...

It doesn't matter where you get you appetite as long as your home for dinner and no snacking in between. That is so funny.

MizAngie said...

I never was a Great Little Gal and they irritate the PISS outta me to this day. Me and "helpless" just don't get along.