Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Sorry, I Was Late To Class....

But I was out gettin' my boobs photographed!!


Mammogram time....and it wasn't the best time.
The Tech asked me if they were tender.

"Well, Sister let me tell you. They are 15 times their normal size and they hurt when I look at them."

I think I caught her off guard.
She stared at me blankly.

"It's PMS time and they just hurt....all the time."

"Would you like to reschedule?"

"No. Let's just git'r done!"
I had to get up at 4:52Am to get to the gym to satisfy Vlad the Diet Barbarian before drivin' an hour to be at this appointment.

"You're gonna hate me before this is over."
We parted on good terms. I can deal with a gal that does her job correctly.

And Roy and I were in an out of the Indian Hospital in less than 20 minutes.
That's some sorta record!

So Roy's home in time to hunt moles....the sun is shinin'. What a beautiful day!


Miss Thystle said...

just for fun, I like to answer questions like that honestly. Makes them speechless every time. All they expect is "fine thanks"

Jane! said...

I can't believe you went to the gym first! Booby squishes should at least get you one Get-Outta-the-Gym-Free card.
You are a true rat!

Jane! said...

You know I meant gym rat, right?

Mary Moore said...

Nothing like a good mammogram experience to start the day off right!! :o)

Jeankfl said...

Vlad is just sadistic, isn't he? I think Jane's right.. Hope you're feeling happier soon! At least we didn't get blown away!

MizAngie said...

My little flat-chested friend and I have a debate every year over whether it hurts worse on little tits or big tits to have a mammogram. I, of course, think it hurts to squish my ample bosom flatter than a pancake. She, on the other hand, says when there's not much there they have to squeeze harder. I just know that my boobs are not very attractive squished out like that. And it's weird to have a woman touching all over 'em. Last year, though, I took Chuck my bb's. You should have seen the look on his face when he had them in the palm of his hand (the bb's) as I explained what they're for. {giggle}

Becca said...

Oh Nadine where is your swappy post this glorious!