Sunday, February 01, 2009

Piss And Moan...

Some days don't you just want to bitch??
Just to be bitchin'??

Well I do.

On the way to the gym, I started in with my bitchin'....mostly becuz I don't wanna go to the gym.
"My head hurts. I sprained my snatch again. The zit in my panty line still hurts. And to top things off, my jaw is poppin'! That means no blowjobs!"
"One roll in the hay and you're shot?" He managed to say that without rollin' his eyes.
"It was a damn good roll in the hay!"
Roy closed his eyes and smiled.
I think he did that so I couldn't see him roll 'em!
But I didn't let it stop me from my bitchin'!! I rolled right on!
About what I can't're so lucky!
But as we pulled in the parkin' spot, he said to me, "Don't fall on the ice. We can't have you breakin' your BitchBone!"

He may never get laid again!
Roll his eyes at me.
Makin' fun of my misery!!

But I was watchin' him workout ....he's so hot!
And all the friction I'm buildin' up in my thighs on that bike.....ooohhh yeah...he's hot!!

I think I'll go take a cold shower now.

And welcome to Roy's world of my MoodSwings.


Mary Moore said...

You're hilarious. You sound just like me. Are we twins?

By the way, I don't do BJs anymore for that very reason.

MizAngie said...

BitchBone. Hahahhahahahhaha!!!! I just realized another reason I'm an old maid - I have an obviously prominent bitchbone. Hahahhahahaha!

I saw Roy's butt in the cruise pix. Yeah...he IS hot. Ha!!

Kelly said...

I've never seen your hot hubby...I feel left out. lol

Becca said...

I have never seen your hot hubby and you have seen mine..not fair!

Billie said...

You make me life like nobody else!