Saturday, February 21, 2009

Off To See The Wizard....

The Blunderful Wizard of Odd!

We had business in the Emerald City.
So I thought I would post some of the more interestin' photos that I took as we traveled down the works for other people.
Postin' photos...they have all sorts of commentors......They make the top BlogAwards....And I mean that in the nicest of ways.
Always posting photos of cows and prairies.....over and over and over....whatever.
I suppose if I would started givin' away gifts......I'd have more commentors.....And I mean that in the nicest of ways.
I might have to bribe people with candy.

Sierra posts one photo each day...she has the most awesome photos.
It's not the same thing 6 different ways.
A gal can only look at a horse's ass so much.
Okay, that was harsh.
Since The OKC Bombing and 9/11 the Gates of OZ have been fortified with these post thingys.
Once there, in the building, we were escorted around.
And when our business was concluded we were escorted out.
And Off the Property....I didn't take his pix.
I thought that was being too pushy.
Even for us.
I love a man in uniform. This one is a K-9 Unit.
Across the street is the 45th Infantry Museum.
We've been there on One of our many trips to see the Wizard.
There may be photos in one of the albums.
I want one of these for my yard.
Anyone know how I can get my hands on one???
Or a tank???
So becuz over time EVERYTHING CHANGES....and Roy can't talk and drive, we took the wrong exit....and came across this....
The pumpjack is a common site in Oklahoma...there's one at the capital building.
I didn't get to go to the capital this trip.
Those photos are in one of many the albums.
This is as close as I get to Bricktown...
That UHaul has been up there for years.
Roy used to work the Crosstown...I don't know what's called now.
How do you get little trucks???
One thing I did get to do was go to the New Harley Shop!!
I've wanted to go since I saw them pushin' dirt around!!!
And we always go on Sunday and it's closed!!!!
Every Harley shop has their own thing that unique to that area. The one in Des Moines Iowa is called the Hog Barn. I have a photo it but it's tucked away....maybe later. The one in Roswell New Mexico has an alien ridin' a Harley....and I have the Tshirt!
This one has this globe... And out back is a water tower with the Harley Bar and Shield on it.
I couldn't find a tshirt I liked so....maybe later... in the summer.
That's what bikers do....stop at every Harley Davidson shop and buy a tshirt. I buy one every chance I get.
While I was lookin' over the clothes Roy was all over the shop lookin' at bikes. I could hear him knockin' on all the plastic!! He was bitchin' as we walked out, "I'll buy a Honda if I want plastic!"

After lunch with the old folks, I suggested we go home on Route 66....the Mother Road!!
He grumbled about it but did it anyway.
The Nazarene College right on Rt66.

One way way Tulsa....Take me back to Tulsa!!
On 66 there is this's Pop's.

And that's what is has.
500 different flavors of soda pop!!
We bought 5 different bottles and one Dr Pepper....gotta feed the habit.
Roy picked out a Dr Brown's cream soda.
The Round Barn of's neat if you haven't seen one.
I have been here before but again that photo is tucked away.
The floor has a unique pattern.
Okay, there's obligatory prairie photo.
If you want to see a horse's ass, the neighbor has mini horses.
NO, NOT many but MINI!
Well okay they have several but they are small horses.
After the round barn there's not a lot of "fun" things to see.
Don't get me wrong it's very unique to see if you haven't been down the Mother Road...I have been on it several times. And have seen just about every thing on it to see in Oklahoma. All those photos are before we bought the digital and all the photos have to be scanned in and it takes forever....some other day.
So when we got to the first entrance back to Turner Turnpike I told Roy to get on it and kick it on out.
And we were escorted home.
Okay, We weren't really escorted out of the Wizard's office or off the property.
It just seemed that way. There were cops EVERYWHERE!!


MizAngie said...

I like that Indiany thing on the overpass. We have stars or roses on ours.

Mary Moore said...

We used to have a Pop's type store here, but no longer. A very sad time indeed. Good shots!! You should have 150 comments by the end of the day!

♥georgie♥ said...

I have always wanted to visit Pops!
Great pics even if there wasnt a horses assa ;-)

Jeankfl said...

Gee, these were familiar looking pics!!LOL Good post though.. I do hate the drive to Oz on the turnpike.. most boring road in the WORLD!! Other than on that road,we really do have lots to look at and do here! And Ang, that "Indiany thing" is the state seal.. cool seal, huh?

Gina (Mannyed) said...

FINALLY some Okie pics! This is the send me Okie pics, I'll send you NY pics : )

I want to go to Pops and by five bottles of soda, too!

Becca said...

What great pictures! Have a great trip! Looking forward to the stories!

Billie said...

*Raising my hand like I am reciting the oath of allegiance. *

I swear to comment on EVERY entry if you send me some of your toffee.

Yes, Virginia, bribery will work.

Bobby's Dream said...

I second what Billie said. I will even send you a t-shirt from the Roswell, NM Harley Shop (Champion Motorsports). Cuz I live here and stuff. Hehe.

U want Aliens? We got em! I want freakin toffee!

Just saying....

Billie said...

Oh Oh... I live within walking distance of a Harley Davidson dealership. You want pics? You want a Tshirt?


Thanks for giving me the idea Bobby Dreams!

White Hot Magik said...

I dropped by on a whim because I see your name everywhere lately. Now I find out you are the toffee maker. I may try to be your new best friend... hee hee. Seriously, I love your post, it is too funny. I have some family in OK and really enjoyed my trip. So much greener than NM.

Stefunkc said...

You were in my neighborhood! I'm intriqued by your comment on my post about my home town. Husband grew up near or on my street, in-laws attend my church...did your husband graduate from the local high school? My mom and aunts graduated in '59, '61, and '63.