Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Belated Valentine....

And it's totally Roy's fault.
If he had checked the mail on Friday, I would not be late in postin' this.

As I picked up my package Roy said, "Shake It."
Rut Row Rorge!!
And it didn't sound like a good shake.
The box was wrapped up tight.....lots of something Roy would do.
I had to use a knife to open it.

I stopped short at the box...."DO NOT X-RAY"....hhhmmmm???

It was packed well.....lots of plastic sacks.

Which is a great idea!!
I use the plastic sacks for cat litter bags.

When I finally got to the goodies.... Chocolate!!
From Starbucks!!!
And Choxie!!!

And Journal...I can use when I travel!!
My old one has made many trips....and now I can retire it.

But for the bad news...... the candle jars didn't make the trip.
Two were shattered to pieces!

The candles can be used and they smell wonderful!!
Thank you so very much for all the goodies.
Now from Roy....
I've never been one to brag, or rub my good fortune in other's really! I'm not.
When Roy would send me flowers at work, I would take the home.
He would have a cow!
He wanted me to leave them for others to see he had marked his territory!!
I took them home becuz they are MINE!
I hated to make someone feel unloved or leftout....No! Really!
So in spite of how I feel, I think I should for Roy's sake "brag" about his Gift to me.
I'm so sorry for what I'm about to show you.
I feel like a real heel.
But it just goes to show Roy's love and generosity for me ....the light and love of his life.
And his meal for Valentine's Day...... Nothing says, "I love you" like fried chicken gizzards!!


ReRe said...

if we put roy and james together we could have one heck of a reality tv show!

Kelly said...

Well, at least the dishpan is red...that's a Valentine color anyway. :)

Love your swap gifts!

Guinevere said...

I'm glad you liked everything, but I'm so sorry about the candles! They were so pretty too! When I packaged them, I kept thinking, "Should I wrap them separate? What if they don't make it?" Yikes! I really need to listen to that little voice in my head!!! lol At least with candles, they still burn! lol Enjoy the chocolate and the journals!

Oh, and about the box, it was the only one I had that everything fit in right. lol It's from work and I knew you'd probably hesitate and think, "Hmmmm..." when you saw that orange sticker. :o)

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

That box was pretty funny! I bet the orange sticker made a couple of heads turn. Those were really nice valentine gifts. ROY! TAKE NOTICE!

Tracie said...

Can you explain the dishpan? I'm thinking their's GOT to be a story with that.

ZooKeeper said...

Roy should have gotten you a repairman or a new dishwasher. I think I would have shoved that dish drainer up his butt! But it is a pretty color.

Bobby's Dream said...

Awwwww, how loverly! I love your swap gifts!

I think the dish drainer is an awesome present. It is useful and I am sure you needed it. Right? LOL!

I got Bobby a garlic press. So I know where Roy is coming from. My man giggled with glee when he saw that garlic press and had to use it right away...LMAO!

Thanks for my first comment! It made my day!

Jane! said...

I hope there are a few hundred dish washings that go with it.

Becca said...

What is it with men and kitchen gadgets? But I love that it is red!


Miss Thystle said...

Well, to be fair, it IS red...

Bobby's Dream said...

I am totally loving the two sides myself. It came to me in a dream...not really. But it sounded good right?

He is just a little slow to update and now he figured out that some people might actually read it...

Watch, he might be shy now but he will turn into a complete comment ho like the rest of us. Mark my words.

MizAngie said...

I got those same candles from 2girlsmom! 'Cept mine weren't broken. They smell fabulous and I love 'em. The red dishrack is hilarious. That sentimental ol' fool. Ha!!

I LOVE CHICKEN GIZZARDS! Did ya have Louisiana hot sauce for 'em? Mmmmmm...

Bird said...

Man, missed the craziness while I was away. I just got caught up. You know, my hubby cleaned the house while I was away. Might be the best V-day present ever.