Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Mole Hunting Continues....

It's okay, Gina.
There will be no pictures of dead critters.

If we were keepin' score I would have to say that the moles are winnin'.
He has "captured" 2.
He's been at it for 3 weeks.

After all the snow melted, he went back to work on his mole project.
Seriously, people all those things that people suggest to "capture" moles doesn't work.
There is no device that sends out a high pitched squeal that repels the little bastards. It didn't work with the roaches in my aunt's house....it was more like something they all went to get warmth. I picked it to clean around the table it was settin' on....and the nasty roaches scurry away!!
It was so gross!!

But Roy is a hunter....which means he's extremely patient. I thank all that is Good And Holy every day that he so patient and only rolls his eyes at the dumbass things I do. But none the less, he is patient.
He came up with a brilliant idea for a trap. He thought if he buried a coffee can in the tunnel, that when the mole came thru, he would just fall into the can and not be able to get out.

Roy's so cute that way.

He came in Sunday mornin' to give me an update on the coffee can experiment. "It was full of dirt. Why?"
I surmised that maybe the mole was pushin' dirt down the tunnel to the openin' and just put it in the can.
"No! That's not it. I figure he was feelin' around in the dark" he closed his eyes and motioned with his hands like he was mole, "and said hhhmm and turned around. But why did he put dirt in my can?"

Well by now, I'm cracked up. Watchin' him imitate a mole...was just more than I could take.
I just shrug my shoulder and go back to what I doin'...let him figure it out.

He decided to go old school. "If I get my pistol I can eat my breakfast while I watch the hole."

See that small object in front of that bush...it's a "bobber".
He watches for the bobber to move.

There is a fine line between Dedication and Obsession.
And it's good material for my blog either way.
The Outside Manny...Frickin' Frack.
The Indoor Manny....watchin' the huntin' action.


♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO...that pic of Roy sittin in the chair with his gun and a bobber toooo friggin funny!
'I love your blog!!!!!

Miss Thystle said...

My grandfather had a never ending war on moles. even after his 4th stroke he STILL was trying to outwit them. Once, he used dynamite and my grandma had a FIT when she found out. So he hid the rest of the dynamite behind the furnace...the house didn't blow up.

Jane! said...

It's good to have hobbies.

Jeankfl said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love that pic of Roy sittin in his chair waiting!!! I am just crackin' up! Men and their obsessions.. With my dad it's squirrels gettin' his pecans. His little 22 rifle sits right inside the door so he can grab it when he sees a squirrel.. they all come to my yard unless they want to go steal pecans.. LOL Men...

MizAngie said...

Hahahhaha... "Greeeeen acres is the place to be!" hahahahhaha...

So the Daddy Mole said he smelled something, and stuck his head out the mole hole and sniffed the air. Mama Mole said SHE smelled something, and crawled up beside Daddy Mole to stick her head out the mole hole to sniff the air. Baby Mole thought he smelled something, too, so he tried to crawl up between Daddy Mole and Mama Mole, but the mole hole wasn't big enough for all three of them. He moved around again, but still there wasn't room. So he sniffed reeeeeal deeply trying to figure out what he was smelling. "Shooooo-eeeeee," he said after he sniffed. "All I smell is mole-asses!"

Get it? Molasses? Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, for that flashback to the third grade!

Ace said...

I have to say that the title of this post had me fearing something more along the lines of birthmark searching, so this was a pleasant surprise. You should really buy him an Elmer Fudd hat. "Be vewy vewy qwiet"

Dawn said...

ok...so I've been so busy at work that I'm behind in my blog reading....sooooo....
I just read the thing about the Alli pills...and laughed my ass off....I've tried the other ones...xenical...and they do the same thing...but at least they warn you about "oily discharge"...I took the pills for 2 weeks and thought screw that...I am NOT taking the chance of shitting myself...I'd rather be fat.....
Then I saw the picture of Roy sitting in the chair watching for the bobber to move....well more laughter errupted...

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