Sunday, February 08, 2009

It Happened!!

My Worst Fear of All Gym Fears!

Our routine for the gym is Roy goes in a gets on a treadmill and walks for miles....I'm talkin' MILES!!

3 hours people!!!

I get dressed....I take my time.

I walk to the cardio-room....I take my time.

I sneak a peek in the weight room....we still don't have any hard bodies. But I did catch a man modelin' in the mirror.

Dude! Do that at home. It's less embarrassin'!!

By this time, Roy has been on his treadmill long enough to go 1/2 mile....he's timed me.
And brags about it.

I go get on the bike....for 20 minutes.

I get off the bike.....I've read part of my book. I'm currently re-readin' Bridget Jones Diary....that is so funny. I've caught myself laughin' out loud.

I will get a drink....takin' my time.

I will work my way around the room usin' all the weight machines....If I close my eyes, nobody sees me.

Despite the fact that when I open them, some one is watchin' me.

It's only fair.

I caught him modelin' in the know that suck in the gut, flex the arm muscles and make that grim face....that one.

And then I get back on the bike and do 30 minutes.

Total time in the gym is an hour and half...tops.

Roy is not done....nowhere near it!!

I sit out with the old men and read my paper.

While I wasn't lookin', Roy FUBAR'D and fell off the treadmill!!!

Yep! He did!

It's my worst gym fear....that he will fall off that damn thing....and I would miss it!!!!

He, of course, confessed to me and I laughed all the way home....he was afraid someone else would tell me.

It would seem that he somehow scuffed his foot and lost his balance and had to jump off and stick the landin' or fall and hit the wall!!

And then in the great style that is Roy Hightower and PeeWee Herman...."I fell asleep." is just about as good as "I meant to do that."

I can just see him...all red faced.

If it had been me, I'd thrown my arms in the I was Nadia Comaneci!


Kelly said...

The only time I've ever fallen in front of anyone, I took a tumble down a hill at a music festival in front of hundreds of people. I just played drunk and curtsied when everyone applauded me.

I hope your hubby's pride (and the rest of him) weren't hurt too bad. :)

Tracie said...

Sorry you missed it! That might have been the worth the price of admission.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

I don't know what it is, but husbands falling on their asses is the most hilarious things ever! I usually laugh until I cry before I ask him if he's ok.

MizAngie said...

Maybe they have it on the security camera video? Ha!!

Don't forget karma. One who laughs at someone else's falldown will bust own ass soon. Ha!!

I'm so impressed with y'alls workout shit. Seriously. Good job!!!

ReRe said...

tell roy not to fill bad, i fell off christmas 2007. my ankle has never been the same :(

also tell roy i'm snickering :)

♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO@if i close my eyes no one can see me!!!
My beans use to do that...they would be doing something they shouldnt be doing but cover their eyes and I would say I can still you and they would shake their head no...

Hope Roy is okay...
You ALWAYS make me laugh!

Mary Moore said...

You mean, people CAN see you if your eyes are closed?!?!

Big Dog Mom Pam said...

How do you fall asleep on a treadmill? OMG I am laughing my butt off at this one. And I didn't even see it! I do like your idea of throwing your arms in the air like Nadia. Tell Roy I'm gonna laugh about this one for a LONG time!

Jeankfl said...

I fall all the time. Always have... I need to come join your gym. I bet if I watched long enough, he'd fall again!LOL You crack me up.. We need to do lunch one day!

Bird said...

I'm so totally crazy jealous that you have the TIME to spend three hours at the gym that I can't even get that worked up about Roy's fall. Damn. . . what a life you lead!