Friday, February 27, 2009

For The Record....

GymHo and YoungSquire are other people.

GymHo's husband is fine! I'm talkin' F-I-N-E, fine!

I've never met YoungSquire's wife.
He's just the type to come to the aid of some dumbbitch "trapped" in a weight machine!

Lord love him.

You know I've hurt myself dismountin' some of them...I'm a klutz!
Granny has been sent home.
Nothing bad came back on her MRI's.

It's the weekend.
I've been threatened with snow.
Wednesday, it was in the 70's and peach trees were bloomin'!!
So no peaches for me this year.
And no home-made peach schnapps.

I'm out....see you in March!


Mary Moore said...

Glad your grandma is okay!

As for peaches, I envy you. Although I guess this year, maybe I won't since you won't have any peaches to be envious of!

That sucks, actually.

I can't even imagine having peaches growing on trees...that must be pretty darn cool.

Bobby's Dream said...

Me too! I am glad the MRI was clean.

I hate when the weather fails to cooperate. We have had the weirdest winter I have ever seen. Now we are in the 80's and it is FEBRUARY!

OMG, I so cannot believe she is married and acts like that. Especially with a FINE hubby at home.

Stupid stupid wenches. Karma is all I can say.

Becca said...

Ah but you are still a peach and that is what matters!