Friday, February 13, 2009

DishWashers, Fridges, MicroWaves...

I just hate the fact that major appliances to do last the way they used to in the past!
My granny had this old refrigerator that had a small ice box in it.....remember those old rounded top type?
I used to climb up on top of it and jump out and scare her. She'd squeal, "AAAhhh Sister!"
I went away to didn't take, so they sent me again the next year too... and they just gave up after that........and when I came home from camp we had new refrigerator!!
I was 10 and she had that ugly old green thing until I was into my 30's!!
Who knows how long she had that rounded top one??
But me and Roy, we are on our 2nd one!
We are on our 3rd washer and our 4th dryer....we've only been married 14 years!
My mother bought a washer and dryer set when I was 4 and it was still at home with I left at 18.

Is there something wrong with the quality of machinery now??
I will vote yes on that one.

I have a refurbished AmanaRadarRange Microwave. I have no idea how old it is but I've had it for 17 years. The start button popped off years ago and I thought it was lost forever.
I found it and trapped Roy in the kitchen one day, "You are not leavin' this room until you put that back on!"
30 minutes later and lots of cussin' he put it back on. At one point he said, "It may never work again."
Fear Went Thru Me!!!
I don't think that we could ever replace it!!
Some cheap one that won't last a year???
I had my car keys in hand ready to go!
Once he had it all done and workin' properly, he said, "Don't ever ask me to do anything like that again. I'm the OUTSIDE GUY!"

Now the dishwasher has decided to act up. It's a Maytag. I expected better. It's only 10 years old.
It doesn't clean as well as it used to do and now, it pees on the floor.
Roy can't figure out what's goin' on at all.
"You may have to do the dishes by hand."

I don't do dishes!!
That's why I had children!!
Well not really but it turns out that it's cheap labor!
EdithAnne, my oldest, would take at least 30-45 minutes to do the dishes for our family of 4. It's not that she was thorough but slow. Like molasses in the wintertime slow. The water was cold by the time she was done.
Whenever Roy and I go for a burger and we are waited on by an inept teenage girl, I turn to Roy, "I think I have found EdithAnne long lost sister!! I'm sure I had twins, I was as big as house!"

But Roy and I talked it over.
We could do without the dishwasher for a few days....maybe a week or two but if the microwave goes down, we are in the car goin' to town for another!
"Like hairdryers and vibrators, the microwave is a major deal! We must have one!"
He agreed, "You don't know how to cook without one."

He knows me so well!


Gina (Mannyed) said...

cracking up about your Maytag that pees! It's so true that appliances aren't made like they used to be. When I moved into my new place, we removed a avocado green frig (probably the original to the house) still humming along. I just couldn't take the avocado green so we got a white one that will probably break down in five years.

VENTL8R said...

It pays to sleep with the right people!

As we were finishing up our kitchen face-lift before Christmas, I vacuumed the back of the fridge which caused it to lose pressure and not cool. We thought we were going to buy a new one until Steve brought home a valve and some R-12 "freeze-on" and filled'er back up! Works like a champ! And the fridge was mad ein '92, I think.

MizAngie said...

Well, OF COURSE things aren't made as well. This country has moved from pride in quality and work ethic to do it fast and make more money! I also learned NOT to call the repairman from Sears to work on my [3 year old at the time]washing machine. He told me it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one. My across the street neighbor came over, changed a part, and it's worked for 5 more years! I'm on my second microwave in 20 years, second dishwasher, second stove, second washer/dryer, second refrigerator, second hot water heater. I fear these are all gonna die at the same time. I can live without a stove (although it would be hard) if I have a microwave and vice versa. And I can live without a dishwasher. But I can't live without a fridge, washer & dryer. I HATE haulin' clothes to the washateria.

Guinevere said...

Have you received your valentine's package yet? I was your swap partner and I'm getting anxious to know if it got to you yet. *chewing my nails* I got it out a day late, but have had my fingers crossed that it would get to you before today. Let me know! Happy Valentine's Day!