Friday, February 20, 2009

The Call....

To Roy's went something like this.

Roy: "Hey. What are you doing?"
I have not idea what was said or who answered the phone on their end.
I can only surmise.
Becuz Roy continues..."It's Roy."

And then there was silence.
It was odd.
Then Roy laughed.
Roy: "Well what happened?"
But it wasn't funny on their end of the line.
Roy: "Don't you have the remote?"
Nope they haven't had the remote for years!!
And who in their right mind would go out and buy a new one???
Roy: "You do have the converter box?"
Yes, Roy's brother had it all hooked up.
But he had to ask anyway.
Roy: "And you do have it hooked up correctly?"
Roy: "Okay okay, All she did was mess with the front of the TV and now you can't get anything but fuzz?"
Apparently he was talking to RoySr!
He was blaming the whole malfunction on QueenVictoria.
And this whole conversation about the remote and setting the TV on Channel 3 again took 10 minutes!!!!
I had time to sort and start a load of laundry!!
Laughin' my ass off!!

Finally Roy had all he could stand. "This isn't why I called! What are you doing tomorrow?"
And that took another 10 minutes to straighten THAT out.
They want us to come and visit but it must fit into their schedule.
Well too bad.
We had business in OKC.

Roy and I had a conversation just the night before about why I don't like going to visit them. I was not gonna sugar coat it. "I don't care for eating food from a dumpster. Your sister has never embraced me as family, she still communicates with your ex-wife. And your mother's crazy."
He could see my point.

After got the visit cleared with Security and Scheduling Committee in the Old Hightower House and verbal permission from QueenVictoria herself, he snapped his cell phone closed and acted like he was pullin' out his hair.

"Oh yeah I want to go every day!"


Bobby's Dream said...

Ignorance is bliss. One day, I hope to be senile and ignorant.

I am sorry you have to go visit. I hope it is not too trying for you. I say, take a flask.

Miss Thystle said...

and THAT is why I live far, far away from them all!

♥georgie♥ said... dad and g'ma have been having issues with the 'box' I dread the phone calls and feel your pain

Bird said...

Sounds like when my mom calls be for help with the computer--arg!

Jane! said...

ditto what Thystle said.
Good luck to you, though.

MizAngie said...

Those poor, poor old people - you pick on them so...